16-th international exhibition of testing, measurement and control instruments

Testing & Control 2019

ZETLAB Company would like to thank everyone, who has attended our booth at the 16-th international exhibition of measurement and control instruments Testing & Control 2019, which was held on October 22-nd – 24-th, 2019, at the International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo.

Photo-report from the exhibition

Metrologist of ZETLAB Company-ZETLAB-2019-1
Multi-channel vibro-acoustic measurement system
Customer relations specialist-ZETLAB-2019
Shock impact hammer-ZETLAB-2019
Turbine blades fatigue control system-2019

Seminars held in the presentation area



Within the framework of the exhibition Testing & Control 2019, specialists of ZETLAB Company have conducted several seminars for the following topics:

  • Modal analysis.
  • Shaker controllers used for vibration testing: new trends.

Our specialists have shared their experience and new developments related to the specified issues, and represented state-of-the-art shaker controllers – ZET 024 and ZET 028.

On the first day of seminars we have considered various application spheres of modal analysis used for evaluation of dynamic structures behavior and measurement of their dynamic properties.

Specialists of our Company have considered various software and hardware instruments by ZETLAB, which allow to implement modal analysis of various structures as well as the main advantages of using the instruments in question for the performance of the specified tets types. At the presentation there have been displayed FFT Spectrum Analyzers and the relevant programs used for analysis performance: “Cross-narrowband spectral analysis“, “Modal analysis“, and “Oscillations shape analysis”.

The second day was dedicated to the review of new trends in the development of hardware and software components of the vibration testing control system. There have been revealed three major trends in the vibration testing performance method, which should be considered to be of crucial importance: possibility of simultaneous control of several shakers, compliance with the international standards of the vibration testing performance, and the function of control and maintenance of the specimen’s resonance frequencies. We have also considered the functional features of the shaker controllers by ZETLAB in terms of compliance with the specified methods. As a result, it becomes possible to reduce the labor inputs for the machanical impact testing, to conduct accelerated tests, and to observe compliance with the international system of measurement quality control.

Conference of Usman Feizkhanov

ZETLAB Company at the exhibition-2019

Participant Diploma-Control-2019

Thank you for visiting our booth!

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