Mobile measuring system

of natural oscillations frequency and logarithmic decrement

Technical condition of building structures directly depends on a variety of factors such as operational environment, natural and climatic conditions, external and internal impacts. Maintaining operational condition of the building guarantees its structural integrity as well as timely detection and elimination of building structural defects.

Structural health monitoring system is represented by a distributed stationary system consisting of information acquisition and processing nodes placed inside of electrical cabinets. Such systems are widely spread and reliable. However, sometimes it is unreasonable to use them for periodical bearing capacity control.

We offer you a turn-key technical solution for structural health monitoring based on the seismic recorder (seismic station) ZET 048-C and a Software complex used for natural oscillations frequency and logarithmic decrement evaluation. This Software allows to determine basic dynamic characteristics of the controlled object.

Processing of the registered data can be performed in real-time mode (in the case if the recorder is connected to a PC) or along with the processing of the previously recorded data (due to the fact that ZET 048-C seismic recorder has an integrated flash-drive and can be used in standalone mode).

The Software performs the calculation of buildings structures natural oscillations frequency values: it controls the period and logarithmic decrement in three mutually transverse axes in accordance with the applicable national standards.

For the purpose of oscillations period determination, there is used an indirect measuring method, which registers oscillation processes in three mutually transverse axes. As a result of measurements, one can obtain oscillations period values and corresponding decrement values for each of the axes.

Program window: fundamental tone parameters

If you want to receive test reports automatically, you can use the Report key (the report will be formed based on the template shown below). Below you can see measurements protocol made up in accordance with the applicable national standards.

Basic configuration

of the mobile measuring system

Mobile measuring system basic delivery scope includes:

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