ADC DAC modules: connection options

ADC DAC modules by ZETLAB are connected to PC via USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100, Wi-Fi. ADC DAC modules operation in offline mode is also possible.


USB connection
In order to connect ADC DAC modules to PC, USB 2.0 cable is used. Modules power supply is performed via USB bus.

Ethernet connection (option)
Ethernet connection allows to locate the measuring instruments at considerable distance from PC and to establish distributed measuring systems. Distributed measuring system allows to considerably reduce the length of analog lines between sensors and ADC.
In the case if UTP cable (twisted pair) is used, the distance between PC and ADC may be up to 100 m. Use of repeaters allows to increase this distance in many times. As the IP-addresses of PC and ADC module are registered in Internet network, it becomes possible to transfer the data between the module and the PC to any point of the world within the network coverage.

When ADC DAC modules are connected by Ethernet bus 10-100, the power supply can be provided via Ethernet bus 10/100, 220→5 V converter or batteries module.

WiFi connection for ADC DAC modules - option

Wi-fi connection (options)
Wi-fi connection enables measurements performance at moving parts of various structures and at remote distances. The controlled object may be located at the distance from 100 m up to 10 km within visibility range of operator’s work station. It allows to reduce the cost of the system operation, since no communications cables are used.

If ADC DAC module is connected via Wi-Fi bus, the power supply can be performed by means of 220→5 V converter or power batteries module.

Operation in offline mode (option)
In the case of ADC DAC modules offline operation, the following functions are available:

  • one-time signals recording — the device in offline mode will record the digitized signals time realizations to the integrated memory in accordance with the set scenario. This digitized data can be transferred to PC for the purpose of further processing by  ZETLAB programs.
  • signal level control — in the case if the threshold level at the analog input is exceeded, a signal is forwarded to the output of the device;
  • signal generation at the output – if external start of the recorder is enabled, then the signal will be generated form the moment the recorder is powered up and until the recording of the input signal is over. In other case the recording will be performed until the device is powered off.
Съемная SD-карта, модули АЦП ЦАП

Operating scenario is set when ADC DAC module is connected to PC. Upon completion of the recording process ADC DAC module is connected to PC by means of “Autonomous recorder” program and the data from flash memory are recorded to that of PC. Then, using the programs for signals viewing by ZETLAB, it is possible to perform signals analysis.

In the case of offline mode operation, it is possible to provide power supply of ADC DAC modules from 220→5 V converter or a battery module.

Minimal system requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4, D; Celeron D; Core 2 Duo.
  • RAM: more than 1 Gb.
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP ServicePack 3 or newer.
  • System type: 32 or 64-bit.
  • USB bus: HighSpeed USB 2.0.