FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 038 for the analysis of vibro-acoustic signals

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Recording and processing of the data received from a great number of channels
  • PTP synchronization
  • Compatibility with ICP (IEPE), DeltaTron, ISOTRON sensors,  charge and voltage output transducers
  • Galvanically isolated generator
  • Visual diagnostics of channels parameters
  • One-key activation of signals recording

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of FFT Spectrum analyzers ZET 038

Technical specifications
Analog input (ADC)
Number of analog voltage and ICP inputs 8
ADC digits number 24
Frequency ranges of the simultaneously analyzed signals DC…20, DC…200, DC…2 000, DC…20 000 Hz
Maximal sampling rate 400 kHz
Anti-aliasing signals filtration up to 40 kHz
Low-pass filters: Butterworth filters 120 dB/oct for the following sampling frequencies 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 10 kHz, 20 kHz
Filters with frequency adjustment (in compliance with IEC 61672-1:2002) А, В, С, D for the 1-st class precision noise meters
Maximal input voltage (amplification ratio=1) ±10 V
Programmable amplification ratios 1, 10, 100
Input impedance 100 kOhm
Analog output (DAC)
Number of analog outputs 2 (true and complementary
Frequency range of the generated sinusoidal signal 0,03… 20 000 Hz
Input impedance 50 Ohm
Maximal output current level 20 mA
DAC digits number 24
Maximal output voltage value ±10 V
Digital input/output
Digital input 8 bit
Digital output 8 bit
Digital input/ output logic type TTL
Metrological specifications
Analog input (ADC)
Dynamic range in voltmeter mode 110 dB
Dynamic range in Spectral Analysis mode 122 dB
Dynamic range in selective voltmeter mode 135 dB
Channels non-identity in the pass-band 0,1 %
Inter-channel phase difference 1° per 10 kHz
Noise spectral density in the band 30…20 000 Hz, no more
with gain=100
with gain=10
with gain=1
15 nV/√Hz
40 nV/√Hz
350 nV/√Hz
Analog output (DAC)
Frequency setting admissible error limit for the range of 0…20 000 Hz ±0,1 %
Frequency setting admissible error limit for the range of 0,03…10 Hz ±10 %
DC and AC setting admissible error limit ± (0,005U + 10) µV
Harmonic ratio of the generated sinusoidal signal 0,1 %
Operational specifications
Dimensions 280 × 200 × 35 mm
Weight 1 kg
Consumed power max 8 W
Max voltage 500 V
Types of supported transducers ICP (IEPE), DeltaTron, ISOTRON
Possibility of synchronization with other FFT Spectrum analyzers available
Non-volatile memory volume (flash-drive)* up to 32 Gb
Sampling frequency of data recording to the flash-drive by a single channel* 50 kHz
Time of data recording to the flash-drive by all the channels at the maximal sampling frequency* 10,8 hrs
Baud rate via HighSpeed USB 2.0 480 Mbps
Baud rate via Ethernet 100 Mbps

* The option is to be ordered separately


of FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 038

Multi-functional FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 038 is intended for parameters control of vibration, acoustic, and hydro-acoustic signals, as well as for generation of electrical signals with normalized metrological characteristics.

FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET-038 can be used in standalone mode, or within the scope of automated technological processes control systems, as well as for scientific and research purposes. Operating principle of ZET 038 series instruments is based on parallel (simultaneous) signals spectra analysis.

In the case if this instrument is used together with ZETLAB ANALIZ software, it becomes possible to use the following functions:

  • real-time signal analysis, analysis of the previously recorded signals;
  • octave and 1/3-octave analysis based on the use of parallel digital filters;
  • narrow-band spectral analysis;
  • AC/ DC voltage measurements;
  • electrical signals frequency measurements;
  • generation of sinusoidal signals and DC signals;
  • signals recording (the digitized values of the signal are saved in the memory of the device).

Information concerning the measurements parameters is displayed at the external devices in user-friendly format.


When using FFT Spectrum analyzers of ZET 038 series, please note, that these instruments do not have automated blocking of the following ports: TCP 1808, 2320, 3344.

Basic configuration

of FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 038

FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET-038 - basic delivery scope

The basic delivery scope includes the following items:

  • Multi-channel data acquisition controller ZET 038;
  • Power supply module;
  • Ethernet cable;
  • BNC-BNC cable (0,6 m);
  • Plug 50 Ohm;
  • ZETLAB ANALIZ software;
  • Set of operational documentation.

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