SHM systems

Structural health monitoring system

Automated structural health monitoring system (SHM) is a subsystem of buildings and structures control system which has been developed in accordance with the applicable requirements of the corresponding standards. It is used to detect transition of the building state from operational into state of failure that may lead to further fatal accidents.

Structural health monitoring system (SHM) allows to timely detect ground base bearing capacity change as well as to reveal changes of structural elements and to inform the monitoring service of bearing structures critical parameters change.


included into Structural health monitoring system (SHM)


Building tilt and element displacement control


Stress and strain state control


Natural ocillations frequency and decrement control


Seismic impact level control


Foundation subsidence control

Structural health monitoring system (SMS, SHM) contains a range of subsystems used for parameters control in real time mode.

Structural health monitoring system (SMS, SHM) includes the following subsystems:

Structural health monitoring system (SHM) may include all control subsystems or several of them (depending on Customer’s requirements).

Amount of controlled points and monitoring type depends on object structure type. These parameters are selected in the course of control subsystem development depending on the design documentation data.

Cloud monitoring solutions

for implementation in monitoring systems based on ZETLAB products


LLC “ETMS” has established a back-end data base for storage, computing and measurements results processing. The data is received from controlled objects and is then forwarded to the Customer.

In the course of development of the monitoring system based on ZETLAB products, the Customer may select particular structure of the data transfer channel (used for data transfer from the measuring line to the back-end data base)

more details

Application spheres

of structural health monitoring system (SHM)

Высотные сооружения

Tall structures

Dams and dikes

Мосты и тоннели

Bridges and tunnels 

Спортивные объекты

Sports facilities


for project engineers

Structural health monitoring system (ESMS, SHM) has hierarchial structure and includes the following components: digital sensors placed on the measuring lines, data acquisition nodes (placed inside of the electrical cabinets) and components related to the data computing system.

Should you have any difficulties with selection of components for your system, please, fill the checklist and send it to Our specialist will select the components for your system as soon as possible.


for project integration managers

Structural health monitoring system (SMS, SHM) can be used independently or be integrated into already existing monitoring system.

One more advantage of structural health monitoring system (SMS, SHM) is that it is possible to integrate third-party sensors into already existing measuring lines.

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