Intelligent Sensors and Controllers, ZETSENSOR series

The information on operation of intelligent sensors and controllers ZETSENSOR — installation manual, guidance on selection of the appropriate sensors, the details of module operation, settings and diagnostics, integration to the external systems.

Design and installation rules

The Engineering Design and Mounting Instruction for the ZETSENSOR Intelligent Sensor Networks

General information on the intelligent sensors of ZETSENSOR series. Recommendations on selection of the intelligent sensors and measurement network engineering with different interfaces.
Sensor mounting at the measuring points, requirements for cable lines and power supply.


Programming of Intelligent Sensors, ZETSENSOR Series 

The description of communication protocols, the details of setting adjustments, integration examples to the external systems, examples of sensor programming.

Диагностика цифровых датчиков

Diagnostics of Intelligent Sensors, ZETSENSOR Series

The troubleshooting manual for the intelligent sensors, ZETSENSOR series.

Готовые решения на базе цифровых датчиков

The Turnkey Solutions on the Base of Intelligent Sensors ZETSENSOR 

The examples of intelligent sensor application in various areas, building the control systems, monitoring and diagnostics on the base of our intelligent sensors.