The program Broadband random vibration allows to conduct a number of combined tests, including the combination of  harmonic vibration and sinusoidal oscillations (Sine-on-Sine).

This function is available in the program Broadband random vibration (note: there should not be any background noise interference). The “Profile” tab allows to set the frequency range with the minimal acceleration power spectral density.

In order to combine sinusoidal oscillations with harmonic vibration (i.e., to conduct combined testing), it is necessary to configure the relevant parameters in the “Sine” tab.

The section “Use sinusoidal oscillations for testing” to enable/ disable the sine-on-sine impact. Upon activation of the function, it becomes possible to edit the parameters specified in the table “Sinusoidal oscillations, combined testing”.

In order to add new strings to the table, use the “Add” key (it is possible to add as many strings, as it is required by the relevant technical specifications). The table allows to set the required values of start and end testing intervals, vibration acceleration value, and the speed of tests performance. To delete a line, select it, and use the “Delete” key.

Sine-on-sine - SoS - configuration of the test profile parameters