ZET 601 Acoustic Emission Transducer

  • Wide application scope;
  • Broadband;
  • Direct connection to FFT spectrum analyzer;
  • Air-tight design.

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The acoustic emission sensor is the most important element of any acoustic emission NDC system. The ZET 601 acoustic emission transducer converts AE-process acoustic signal to an electric signal parameters of which are used for the assessment of acoustic emission sources.
They are used for technical diagnostics using passive ultrasound.


of the ZET 601 Acoustic Emission Transducers

Technical Specifications
Type broadband
Amplifier w/o preamplifier
Electroacoustic conversion factor >45 dB, rel. 1 V/m/sec
Operating frequency 300 kHz (corresponds to
minimum sensitivity)
Bandwidth 10 ~ 800 kHz
Electric capacity 350 ~ 450 pF
Insulation resistance > 100 MOhm
Temperature range −40 ~ +150 °C
Body material stainless steel
Integrated cable length is determined at order (standard length is 0.5 m) 0.5 m
Grounding body is grounded
Contact surface material ceramics
Body diameter x height 22.5×15.5
Weight (w/o cable) 17
Connector type (determined at order) SMA (BNC)

Main Application Fields

of the ZET 601 Acoustic Emission Transducers

  • Oil&gas and chemical industries;
  • Pipe-rolling and metallurgical facilities;
  • Aerospace engineering;
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Heat and nuclear energy industry;
  • Rail-road transport;
  • Lifting structures;
  • Bridge structures.

Connection Diagram

of the ZET 601 Acoustic Emission Transducers

Electrical scheme connectivity

The common lead is electrically connected to the transducer body. To insulate the transducer from the object body, a ceramic disk of aluminum oxide is used (Al2O3).
Usually, the transducer is installed on the object to be controlled using special bandages, magnetic or other types of fixings; the contact surface with the bottom is lubricated with a liquid lubricant. In some applications, AE transducer is fixed on a wave guide.

Connection to the FFT Spectrum Analyzer

of the ZET 601 Acoustic Emission Transducers

Connection to the A19-U2 spectrum analyzer is performed via GT200A or  ZET 440 amplifier.

Digital Acoustic Emission Sensor

The acoustic emission transducers completed with the ZET 7140-E AcousticEmisson-CAN measuring unit to form a digital acoustic emission transducer which measures AE parameters and transmits ready data via CAN interface. The data can also be transmitted via a radio channel.

Wiring scheme of BC 601
Electrical scheme of BC 601


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