based on the digital sensors

The measuring test system is intended for determining the compression force on the specimen in the test press. 

The studied specimen is installed into the testing press, at the base of which a force sensor is installed. The force sensor is connected to the ZET 7111 Tensometer-CAN unit which calculates the force magnitude using the sensor readings. The data is transmitted using the Modbus protocol via the CAN 2.0 interface. The measurement results can be displayed on a PC in a graphical and numerical form using the ZELAB software. In addition, the received data can be used in applications developed in the ZETVIEW SCADA system. For example, the strength parameters can be calculated and reports can be generated in automatic mode according to the specified template. The USB↔CAN ZET 7174 interface converter is used for data transmission from the ZET 7111 Tensometer-CAN unit to a PC for processing in the ZELAB and ZETVIEW programs.

Structure of the smart system for test presses

Description Note
Tension and compression force UU sensor
Coverts acting compression force into electric signal.
ZET 7111 Tensometer-CAN measuring unit
Converts the sensor signal into the acting force and then transmits this data via the Modbus protocol through the CAN 2.0 interface.
It can be implemented in a heavy-duty casing
A unit for data transmission to PC
“Digital sensor data server” program
It is included in the ZET 7174 delivery package
ZELAB software package
Programs for displaying the measurement results in the numeric and graphical form on the plane and in space
Graphical application development environment for measurement automation

A force sensor and the ZET 7111 Tensometer-CAN module form a smart strain sensor which can be integrated in any test press: a sensor type is selected individually for each press depending on the overall dimensions, acting forces, and other specifications. The force sensors are described in the “Strain sensors” section. A smart strain sensor can be connected to any system via the Modbus protocol through the CAN interface.

The system can be completed with a control unit (ZET 7160‑R Regulator-CAN, ZET7160-G DigitalGenerator-CAN) to control the test press drive.