Signal Recording Program

The signal recording program is used for continuous real-time recording of signals coming to the input channels of measuring instruments. For convenient signal processing, the program provides an unlimited number of records for text and voice comments. Signals can be recorded in the bounded or direct RAM buffer with further copying to a storage unit. This recording mode allows to record any unknown event with historical data.

Signals recording - program interface - signals recording process

The recorded data is reproduced with Signal Reproduction and processed with ZETLAB programs just like in real-time mode. Besides, the recorded data can be converted in a text format and opened with the program Result Viewing and Processing.

Trend Viewing is possible only for signals recorded within the continuous recording.

Additional Features of Signal Recording Program

Text comments to recorded file

Voice comments to recorded file

It is possible to add several text and voice comments to a single record file. Voice comments can be recorded with a microphone. Signal and voice comment recording can be enabled with the program.

Supported Hardware

Signal Recording is a part of the following software:


For ADC-DAC and ZETSENSOR digital sensors, the program can be available as a part of the recording and signal reproduction option.

Signal Recording is included in the Recording software group:

Signal recording program in ZETLAB panel

Features of Signal Recording and Reading in ZETLAB

ZETLAB software has various data saving options:

  • Signal Recording

    — source data coming to the input channels of measuring instruments (Signal Recording)

  • Signal Parameter Recording

    for instance, constant level values with a set averaging (Multichannel Recorder)

  • Current Result Recording

    in analysis and display programs (the Record button in the program interface).

Based on the type of data and recording, the following programs can be used for data reading:

  • Signal Reproduction

    — for reproducing recorded signals (direct time realizations) and signal processing by ZETLAB programs

  • Trend Viewing

    — for studying long-term implementation trends (recorded by Multichannel Recorder or Signal Recording)

  • Result Viewing

    — for display of recorded measurement results