General-purpose Acceleration Meter АР2037

  • General-purpose acceleration meter with integrated electronics;
  • Sensitivity: 10 ~ 100 mV/g;
  • Frequency range: 0.5 ~15,000 Hz.

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Application Scope

of the AP 2037 Accelerometers

Measuring vibration and shock acceleration in diagnostic systems

Tests on electrodynamic vibration shaker systems

Laboratory studies in strong electromagnetic fields


of the AP 2037 Accelerometers

Sensitivity 10 mV/g 100 mV/g
Relative transverse sensitivity < 5 %
Frequency range 0.5 to 15,000 Hz
Amplitude range ±500 g ± 50 g
Maximum shock (peak value) ± 1,500 g
Power supply voltage 15 to 30 V 18 to 30 V
DC voltage output level 8 to 11 V 10 to 13 V
Feed current 2 to 20 mА
Temperature range −40 to +125 °С
Type of connector 10-32 UNF
Cable (standard length) 2 m
Weight 10 g


of the AP 2037 Accelerometers

  • combination of high axial sensitivity, own frequency and shock resistance;
  • low sensitivity to electromagnetic fields;
  • feed voltage and current wide range;
  • low intrinsic noise level.


of the AP 2037 Accelerometers

The integrated IEPE-standard preamplifier allows to connect АР2037 accelerometer directly to  FFT Spectrum Analyzers.

Подключение акселерометров к анализатору спектра

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