Log. phase-frequency response measurement

The program Log. phase-frequency response measurement is used for phase-frequency characteristics evaluation within the set frequency range. It is possible to perform measurements by 8 channels simultaneously.

Снятие ФЧХ в логарифмическом масштабе

Programs for FR measurements are included into ZETLAB VIBRO Software set which is delivered together with ZET 017-U vibration controller

The program Log. phase-frequency response measurement uses sinusoidal signal generator (which produces the test impact) and phasemeters, which determine the phase difference between measuring and reference channels. In the section “Phase-frequency response characterisitics” one can see the diagram of phase difference dependence on signal frequency. The program has the following functions: absolute and relative measurements, various diagram scales representations, setting initial and final frequencies, measurements speed and duration, measurements in radians and degrees. In addition to that in the course of measurements the following parameters are displayed: generator’s signal oscilloscope tracing, remaining measurements time and current frequency value.