Digital strain gauge sensor ZET 7111

  • Digital strain transducer  ZET 7111
  • Digital output CAN 2.0.
  • Dynamic measurements.

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of the ZET 7111 Digital Strain Gauges

Metrological Data
Measured value deformation, strain, torque, force
PT electric voltage measuring range -7 to +7 mV/V
Common-mode voltage range 0 to 4,5 V
Sensitivity threshold (minimal difference between sequentially measured values) 0.0001 mV/V
Absolute measurement error (of the upper range limit) 0.05 %
Relative measurement error (of the measured value) 0.05 %
Additional measurement error (due to temperature measurement) 0.05 %/10°C
Additional measurement error (zero time drift) 0.05 %/10 min
Parameters diagnostics feed control, data quality control, bridge or half-bridge integrity control, measuring unit calibration
Technical Specifications
Type of connected primary transducers (PT) force gauge, bridge or half-bridge strain gauges (strain resistors)
Variable voltage fed to the PT 3 ± 0.5 V
Frequency 1250 ± 10 Hz
Maximal current fed to the PT 10 ± 1.5 mA
Data refresh rate 50, 250, 625, 1,250 Hz
Data interface CAN 2.0
Transmission rate 100, 300, 1000 kbps
Performance Specifications
Dimensions 71×39×17 mm
Weight (kg) 30 gr
Power supply 9 to 24 V
Consumed power (w/o PT) 0.5 W
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Operational temperature range  -40 to +100 °C
Electromagnetic Compatibility
IEC 61000-4-2, ESD contact 4 kV, air 8 kV
IEC 61000-4-4, EFT power supply 0.5 kV, signal 0.25 kV
IEC 61000-4-5, Surge 500 V
  • Calculation Method

    The input data are converted to the resulting value either in a linear fashion with the slope determined as the transmission ratio, or in a piecewise linear fashion, according to the calibration table.

  • Synchronization

    Interface converter synchronizes the digital sensors. This allows to observe the interaction in different points (locations of the digital sensors) of the facility, and to build diagrams. Synchronization accuracy at CAN transmission rate of 1,000 kbps is ± 1 µs.

  • Hardware Versions

    Standard: laboratory design in a plastic cover (green)
    OEM: board covered with a sealing compound.
    Heavy Duty*: depending on the task specifics, this may be a version in a heavy duty cover (black) or location of the standard-design unit in an air-tight cover (with a transparent lid).
    Ex-proof*: in a heavy duty cover with the explosion protection system of 0ExiaIICT6 X type.
    *The cost is calculated individually.


of the ZET 7111 Digital Strain Gauges

No adjustment is needed

The characteristics are stored in the measuring unit memory

Measurement results

Measurement results are transmitted in a digital form

Primary transducers: power supply

The primary transducers are powered by the measurement module


Stable characteristics and high reliability in operation


of the ZET 7111 Digital Strain Gauges

The ZET 7111 module is intended for measuring the relative deformation using primary transducers based on tension gauges. These may be either assembled tension gauges (force gauges, torque gauges), or separate external tension gauges connected using half-bridge or bridge scheme.

Load sensor is powered by AC voltage, so ZET 7111 is used for dynamic measurements.

Operation Principle

of the ZET 7111 Digital Strain Gauges

The digital strain gauge consists of a primary transducer (strain gauge or strain bridge) and  ZET 7111 measuring module.

The strain gauge must be installed at the measurement location with the measuring unit installed as close as possible.


The output voltage of the strain gauge is generated in proportion to the action of the measured variable. The measuring unit converts this voltage into the magnitude of the measured variable and transmits the results in a digital form.

Thus, no sensor setting or results processing is required for measuring: all necessary settings are stored in the ZET 7111 unit memory and measurements are performed by the signal processor

which is a part of ZET 7111.

The primary transducer is selected depending on the task to be solved. ZET 7111 digital strain gauges with basic settings measure the magnitude of the relative deformation (when strain bridges are used) or the magnitude of impact forces (when a strain gauge is used). It is possible to configure the gauge to measure different values, for instance: strain, torque, pressure, or weight.

Application Scope

of the ZET 7111 Digital Strain Gauges

  • Weighing Equipment

    The digital load sensors are used in platform conveyor truck, railroad car, crane, hopper, tanker scales, in dosing units

  • Testing Equipment

    Machines for testing materials for tension, testing machines for determining materials compression strength, tensile testing machines, forging presses, preforming units, crush tests

  • Control Equipment

    Systems for pressure monitoring in rolling mills, systems for press-fitting monitoring, pressure plate pressure control systems

  • Measuring Equipment

    For measurements in civil construction when controlling loads in tunnel supports, ground pressures in support walls, etc., for measuring wire and rolls tension, for measuring forces at shock stresses

Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS, ROHS II)



Rules For Using In Explosion-Hazard Areas

for ZET 7111 Digital Strain Gauges

When using digital gauges in explosion-hazard areas, it is necessary to observe requirements of applicable national standards.

Installation in explosion-hazard areas is allowed for digital gauges intended for use in explosion-hazard areas and bearing the relevant marking: 0ExiaIICT6 X.

For the communication via data transmission channels and electric circuits, the circuits of digital gauges installed in explosion-hazard areas shall be connected to interface converters and power supply sources through intrinsic safety barriers located in explosion-safe areas. A typical connection diagram for digital gauges installed in explosion-hazard zones is shown on the figure, and the recommended types of intrinsically safe barriers are listed in the table below.

Connection Diagrams

of the ZET 7111 Digital Strain Gauges

The digital gauges can be used for building distributed measurement networks. The interface converters must be used for connecting the measurement network to ZETLAB and ZETVIEW systems. Connection via USB (ZET 7174), Ethernet/Wi-Fi (7176), GSM (ZET 7177), and radio channel (units ZET 7172M and ZET 7172S) is available as well. The number of gauges connected to ZET 7174 shall not exceed 4.



ZETLAB software enables connection of up to 200 digital gauges to a single computer. Measurement networks can also be connected to any system via CAN 2.0 interface.

Diagram of connection to a measurement line


Basic configuration

of digital strain-gauge sensors ZET 7111

Basic equipment ZET 7111

Laboratory version

Strain gauge sensor basic configuration includes:

  • digital sensor ZET 7111;
  • DIN-rail mounting panel for plastic modules 71×39;
  • set of operational documentation.

Industrial version

Basic delivery scope includes:

  • digital sensor ZET 7111 in industrial casing;
  • plug for the cable FQ14-4TJ-7 (2 pcs.);
  • spring nozzle for 7 mm connection (2 pcs.);
  • connection for the cable FQ14-7TJ-8;
  • spring nozzle for 8 mm connection;
  • set of operational documentation.

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Necessary measuring equipment

supplied upon special order

ZET 7174
ZET 7174
USB connection

ZET 7176
ZET 7176
Ethernet connection

ZET 7173
ZET 7173
Offline mode

ZET 7177
ZET 7177
GSM network connection