Review of the System for diagnostics of buildings and Structures ZET Arrow

In this video, we have made a review of the system used for diagnostics of buildings and structures in accordance with the applicable SES requirements.

The review encompasses the following issues:

  1. Review of ZET “Arrow” delivery scope and its constituent components.
  2. Demonstration of ZET “Arrow” system connection to PC via USB and via Ethernet (for monitoring in the online mode).
  3. Overview of LED indicators used for battery level and charge process control.
  4. Further description of the constituent components of the system (ZET 7156, and ZET 7152 – N).
  5. Requirements concerning installation of ZET “Arrow” system at the controlled surface.
  6. Downloading of the data, which has been recorded in standalone mode to the PC (selection of the data to be downloaded: by time interval or by the date of the recording).
  7. Demonstration of the recorded data with the use of the “Trends view” program from the scope of ZETLAB software suite.
  8. Connection of the system to the PC via Ethernet. Selection of the required modules in the “Device manager” program. Demonstration of the measurement data acquisition in online mode.
  9. Configuration of the measurement process parameters with the use of the context menu.
  10. Additional information concerning operation of the system and the parameters of its constituent components.