Strain Gauge Measurements

This section describes the operation of strain gauge modules and sensors.
Design and connection options for strain gauge modules, use cases, and turnkey solutions based on strain gauge modules.
General information on strain gauge sensors, their connection and establishment of bridge circuits, practical application.

Strain Gauge Modules

Варианты исполнения и подключения

Design and Connection Options for Strain Gauge Modules

Available modifications of strain gauge modules for addressing the tasks of any complexity.
Methods for connecting bridge circuits to strain gauge modules.

Применение тензометрических станций

Practical Application of Strain Gauge Modules

Managing the processes in test chambers, measuring dynamic stress-strain state of structures, and controlling the power quality using the measuring system based on a strain gauge module.

Strain gauge sensors

Общая информация

Reference Information

Concept and theory of strain gauge measurements. General specifications and connection layouts of resistive strain sensors. Strain gauge transducers.

Варианты подключения

Connecting and Establishing Bridge Circuits

Variety of strain gauge bridges and establishment of bridge circuits. Testing the operation capacity of strain gauge bridges.
Connection of strain gauge sensing element to strain gauge module.

Практическое применение

Practical Application

Specifics of resistive strain sensor application, pressure sensors on resistive strain sensors, and application of resistive strain sensors for measuring physical values