Log. frequency responce measurements (selective)

The program Log. frequency responce measurements (selective) is used for aplitude frequency response evaluation using selective voltmeter. Using selective voltmeter for measurements performance allows to eliminate random component impact on the resulting signal, thus, increasing measurements precision under noise condition.

The selective voltmeter used in the FR software performs measurements in narrow frequency band (set by the user or set automatically). It is possible to perform measurements by several channels simultaneously (max. channels amount – 8).

Sine signal generator is also used for the purpose of FR measurements. Generator’s frequency is changing within the set range in accordance with the logarithmic law.

Снятие АЧХ селективным вольтметром

Programs for FR measurements are included into ZETLAB VIBRO Software set which is delivered together with ZET 017-U vibration controller

In the course of FR measurements the program displays generator’s signal time realization (see the upper diagram), current frequency and the remaining measurements time (in the left section of the program window) as well as creates FR diagram. Upon measurements completion the results obtained can be saved in a file to be further viewed (as a diagram or a table) or printed.

The program Log. frequency responce measurements (selective) is a SCADA-project. For program operation one have to install  SCADA ZETVIEW software.