in a hydraulic turbine

The cavitation has a damaging action on the metal of machine (hydraulic turbines, pipelines) parts. The action of cavitation is detected during the unit (turbine) repair works. Cavitation can be prevented by monitoring and diagnostics of cavitation.

Measuring and receiving and recording equipment

Purpose, measured values Equipment Type Description
Measuring cavitation noise Cavitation sensor ВС 801 It is installed directly onto the object (a turbine) by tie-in and connected with the ZET 7140-R smart sensor.
  • conversion of the sensor signal;
  • erosion assessment;
  • erosion-operation mode dependency;
  • turbine cavitation characteristics improvement;
  • erosion forecasting;
  • turbine operation optimization;
Smart cavitation sensor ZET 7140-R It is connected with the ZET 7176 / 7174 / 7172 S/M data transmission unit.
Data transmission to PC A unit for data transmission to PC ZET 7176 / 7174 / 7172 S/M It performs analog-digital conversion of the signal from the transducer to the vibration parameter values. The measurement results are transmitted via the Modbus protocol through the CAN interface.
Cavitation control and diagnostics A PC with specialized software installed “Cavitation control and diagnostics in a hydraulic turbine” SCADA project Test automation, calculation, and test protocol generation. Results visualization, data processing, analysis, and storage.