Virtual laboratory

The virtual laboratory finds new applications. Designed for universities, the virtual laboratory is built on the principle of separation of functions “data registration” and “data processing.” In a typical situation, the digitized signals are processed by the same computer to which the ADC board is connected. In a virtual laboratory, the data recorded by the laboratory stand is transmitted over the local network to each student’s PC. The principle of transferring data for processing to another computer is the basis for distributed data acquisition systems with GPS-receiver synchronization. On the Ethernet lines, the signals from all registrars are transmitted to the server, and a common data stream is processed.

With the advent of 2010, users were faced with the problem of automatically creating directories for saving files in the Registrar program (writing signals to files) (included in the ZETLab package supplied with spectrum analyzers and strain gauges, as well as in the package of additional software for ADC-DAC modules “Means registration and playback “). When the program started, a window appeared with the message “It is impossible to create the directory / s100213 / s100214 / s100215 / s100216 / s100217 / s100218 / s100219 / s100220 /”. This is due to the fact that the first two digits of the automatically created directories were the last two digits of the year. At the moment, the error in the program has been fixed. All registered users are kindly requested to contact technical support via e-mail for updating the ZETLab software.