Multichannel Oscilloscope

Multichannel Oscilloscope is used for evaluating signal shape and instant value measurement. It is possible to simultaneously display several signals within the same period, each having their own units of measurement. To compare signals, it is possible to display their oscillograms on the same coordinate axes. A simple and user-friendly cursor control and diagram scaling allow for studying process changes in general and in detail.

Многоканальный осциллограф ZETLAB
Многоканальный осциллограф ZETLAB

Main Features

  • display of the shape and amplitude of signals coming from input channels;
  • setting a time interval for signal display;
  • selection of a frequency band for displayed signals;
  • flexible change of the number of displayed signals;
  • automatic scaling of oscillograms, both simultaneously and separately;
  • synchronization by the selected channel;
  • switching the stop-motion mode on/off;
  • dynamic display of integral signal levels, determination of congestion for each channel and memorization of the congestion state;
  • setting the data display mode – each diagram in a separate window or simultaneous display;
  • display of the absolute time from the previous ADC start or from the beginning of signal reproduction from the file;
  • synchronous positioning of the cursor on oscillograms allows to evaluate the amplitude of all signals at the same time;
  • saving graphic and numerical information, displayed in the program window, to the clipboard to be pasted to a text editor;
  • time (frequency) change for updating the screen content (0.1 s or 1 s);
  • changing the zero reading for time (horizontal positioning of the “0” marker);
  • signal synchronization indicating the synchronization level and edge (positive or negative);
  • to display the signal shape in the set frequency band, it is necessary to use the program “Signal Filtration”. In this program, it is possible to set the cutoff frequency for lower and upper frequencies and switch on the signal integration or differentiation.
  • diagram smoothing (linear, spline, WKS);
  • diagram glow (switch on or off);
  • interpolated point markers (hide or show).
Многоканальный осциллограф ZETLAB
Многоканальный осциллограф ZETLAB

Supported Hardware

Input data for Power Meter includes digital data of the ZETLAB server channel.

Multichannel Oscilloscope is a part of the following software:

Multichannel Oscilloscope is included in the Display software group.