ZETLAB Company supplies turnkey automated data measurement systems, measurements control systems and test control systems for a wide range of tasks!

Multi-channel measuring systems based on ZETLAB products and task-oriented software for measurements data processing allow you to create data acquisition and processing systems for any particular task. Products of ZETSENSOR series  enable development of flexible distributed systems for data acquisition and processing. Such systems are used for structural health assessment of the controlled objects and facilities.

Structural health monitoring system (SHM)

structural elements stress-strain state monitoring and displacement control

ZETLAB Company offers you automated stationary system for structural health monitoring and assessment in real-time mode.

This system consists of a scalable software and hardware complex, which, in its turn, is used for the following purposes:

  • monitoring of seismic impact effects;
  • monitoring of bearing structures tilt and displacement;
  • monitoring of natural oscillations and damping decrement;
  • foundation subsidence control;
  • monitoring of seismic impact level control;
  • monitoring of seismic impact effects.

Combination of particular subsystems within SHM system is variable depending on a particular task.

Mobile measuring system

of natural oscillations frequency and logarithmic decrement

ZET 048 Seismic Impact Control System

Seismic impact control system (hereinafter referred to as SCS) is used to control ground surface shifts caused by earthquakes, explosions and other natural or technology-related factors.

System for determination of materials impedance in impedance tubes

The system meets the requirements of applicable standard ISO 10534-2:1998 «Acoustics – Determination of sound absorption coefficient and impedance in impedance tubes – Part 2: Transfer-function method».

Leak Detection System (LDS) will be quite useful in the case if it is necessary to detect a leak in a pipeline (e.g., oil-, oil products-, or gas-pipeline), as well as to determine time and coordinates of the leakage.
The system allows to implement constant hermeticity monitoring in all operating modes of the facility (including suspended pumping mode).

  • Torque measurement system
  • Automated engine testing system
  • Acoustic control: TOFD method
  • Vibration transducers calibration system
  • Leak detection system
  • Electrical networks control system