Video-lesson: Graphical conversion of vibration velocity into vibration displacement

In this video, we will show you how to convert vibration velocity graph into vibration displacement graph using ZETLAB Software. In this particular example, we are going to use digital transducer ZET 7156. Below you can see the plan of the video-lesson:

  1. Overview of the digital seismic transducer ZET 7156 and its functions (measuring vibration velocity values of various parts of the controlled structure).
  2. Functional range of ZETLAB Software: selecting the functions we need for the conversion process.
  3. Explanation of the vibration parameters interrelation.
  4. Operations in the “Signals filtration” program from the “Automation” section of ZETLAB software suite.
  5. Selection of the channel to be processed in the “Signals filtration” program, selection of the particular filter type to be used.
  6. Visual representation of the controlled instant signal in the “Multi-channel oscilloscope” program available in the “Display” section of ZETLAB control panel.
  7. Analyzing the difference between the signals displayed in the program (i.e., between the source signals, and the signal which has been processed with the use of program filter).
  8. Analysis of the vibration velocity signal.