ZET 402 RPM sensor

  • contactless optical RPM sesnor (rotation speed sensor);
  • range of speed measurements: 0…50000 rotations per minute.
  • used for the purposes of order normalization (synchronous storage method), in shaft balancing systems, bearings diagnostics, for research and measurements performance.

Optical RPM sensors ZET 402, also referred to as tachometer transducers, enable formation of pulses proportional to the number of registered rotations. The rotation is registered as the mark of the rotating shaft passes through the transducer’s sensitivity area.

The delivery scope includes ZET 402 RPM sensor, А 03-50 matching device and +12 V power supply module.

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of ZET 402 RPM sensor

Technical specifications
Sensitivity at λ=940 Nm, E=1 mW/K·m2 750 mV
Measured speed range 0…50000 rpm
Search angle ±20°
Distance to the rotating object from 2 up to 15 mm
Minimal size of the mark 2 mm
Temperature range −20…+70 °C
Power supply voltage 5 V
Consumed power <30 mA
Signal level at the input 0 – 5 V
Cable (standard length) integral cable, 2m
Weight (without the cable) 30 g

ZET 402 RPM sensors

Connection to FFT spectrum analyzers

RPM sensor ZET 402 is connected to FFT Spectrum Analyzers ZET 017 with a matching device A 03-50, which, in its turn, provides the power supply for the transducers. Maximum cable length is up to 50 meters. ZETLAB ANALIZ Software delivered together with FFT Spectrum Analyzers, enables performance of spectral analysis of the signals received from RPM sensors, search of signal harmonics and semi-harmonics, torsiography, rotation frequency and speed measurements, rotation irregularities, rotation angle (angular displacement) and other parameters control.

ZET 402 - connection to FFT Spectrum analyzer

Application examples

of ZET 402 RPM sensors

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