Digital indicator ZET 7178

  • Network power control on the bus
  • Measured parameters  indication
  • CAN 2.0 data interface

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of the Digital indicator ZET 7178

Measured parameter power supply bus voltage
Data output frequency 10 Hz
Data interface CAN 2.0
Data refresh rate on the indicator 1/10, 1, 3, 5, 10 Hz
Peak detector yes
Indicator type graphical, monochrome
Resolution 98×32 pixels
Dimensions 140×65×32 mm
Weight 250 g
Power supply 9 to 24 V
Current consumed at 12 V voltage up to 130 mA


of the Digital indicator ZET 7178

The Digital indicator ZET 7178 is intended for indicating the data transmitted via the CAN network by the ZETSENSOR series digital sensors.

The indicator can display up to 10 data channels in sequence. Channels are switched by pressing two buttons. The indication is in the three-line mode:

  • first line: status, it indicates the battery charge level (for systems with 4 lithium batteries), current time in the CAN network;
  • second line: channel name;
  • third line: current indications and the measurement unit.

The channel name and measurement unit are set by the user and can be written using the Latin or the Cyrillic alphabet.

The transducers can be mounted on the controlled object or be placed inside of electrical cabinet together with the interface modules used for data communication purposes. Electrical cabinets by ZETLAB Company are quite compact if compared to the currently available analogs. Among the advantages of ZETSENSOR modules, one should mention easy installation and dismounting as well as the indication of power supply and signal transmission (which considerably simplifies the in-place diagnostics of the system at the controlled object).


of the Digital indicator ZET 7178

The digital indicator has a nondetachable cable without a connector on the side for connecting to the measuring network. The cable core marking and diagram for connection to the measurement network are shown in the table below.

Pin assignment for connecting to CAN line

Pin Designation Labelling
1 +(9 ~ 24) V Orange
2 H line of CAN 2.0 Blue
3 L line of CAN 2.0 White-blue
4 GND White-orange


of the Digital indicator ZET 7178

The indication is configured with a PC via any CAN ↔ PC interface converter of ZET 717X series (at present, ZET 7174 or ZET 7176).



of the Digital indicator ZET 7178

Digital indicator ZET 7178 - basic delivery scope

The basic configuration package of the gauge includes:

  • Digital indicator ZET 7178;
  • operation documentation package.

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Necessary measuring equipment

supplied upon request

ZET 7174
ZET 7174
Connection via USB

ZET 7176
ZET 7176
Connection via Ethernet