ZETLAB Company keeps pace with the times and provides measuring products together with corresponding software for automated processing of measured data in the sphere of vibroacoustic analysis, strain gauge measurements and seismology.

Task-specific software provides the user with all necessary means for data analysis in particular sphere as well as with various instruments for source signals and measurements results recording.

ZETLAB software is a virtual laboratory providing the the user with powerful instruments for visual representation, spectral analysis, electrical parameters measurements, generation, recording and representation of signals.


by ZETLAB Company

Task-specific software, supplied together with measuring products

Programmimg environment used for creation of unique virtual measuring tools.


of Software by ZETLAB Company

Our aim is to establish long-term cooperation with our Customers, that is why we constantly improve our Software products by adding new features and functions. You will not have to buy updated Software – all necessary files are available for downloading at our ftp-server.

All you have to do is to download particular installation file and to enjoy the performance of your instruments with new functions!

Additional information regarding updates of ZETLAB Software is available by links below and at our Forum.

If you want to try out new improved features of ZETLAB Software, you can install beta-version of the Software from our ftp-server and be the first to learn about new features of our software.

The sequence of Software update procedure is described in the Clause Software updates, and system requirements for installing ZETLAB Software are available in the Clause  PC requirements.

In  Windows 7 there may appear a warning during installation of drivers (Figure 1) . This is caused by the fact that the drivers are assigned by  sha256 algorithm, which is not fully supported in Windows 7, unless it has been recently updated.
Updates for Windows 7 security system for 64-bit(x64) processors (KB3033929) are available for downloading from Microsoft web-site.

It is possible to check the digital signature with file manager by opening one of the files (e.g., “” or “C:ZETLabdriversamd64Kdu8500.sys”) and by checking its properties (Figure 2). If you continue installing the drivers (clause “Install the driver anyway”), there will be no warnings any more. However, it is still recommended to install updates for OS Windows 7.

Assitance required?

Should you have any difficulties relating to software functioning or updates, we shall try to help you with any task. Also you can look for assistance in the clause below.

Our specialists will provide you with a detailed answer and assistance in solving any task.


Developement of Software, troubleshooting