Signal Transmitter (Data Server)

The program is used for transferring ZETLAB digitalized signals through the network.

As soon as the data server is turned on, any computer in the same subnetwork can connect to it via the program Signal Receiver (Data Client) – and all signals of the server computer appear in its channel list. Then, it does not matter whether these signals are processed by the server computer or a computer to which they are coming via the Data server → Data client system.

Передатчик сигналов (сервер данных)

Передатчик сигналов (сервер данных)

The Signal Transmitter (Data Server) program window displays the information regarding data clients connected to it (date and time of connection). If the computer has several network interface cards, to provide safe connection, the selection box specifying the IP network interface card which will perform data transfer in the Signal Transmitter (Data Server) window becomes active.

Signal Transmitter Application

One of our latest developments – a virtual laboratory – is based on Data Client and Data Server. It may seem a simple circuit (one computer transfers the data, and the other receives it), but in fact it brings quite a range of possibilities! Among them – innovative distributed data collection systems, virtual laboratories, and final division of “responsibilities”: it is hard to make data collection and data processing blocks more independent.


The data server facilitates creation of entire classrooms based on one ZET device. The ZET 210 ADC/DAC module is designed right for such purposes. The teacher connects the module with his/her computer and starts Signal Transmitter (Data Server). The students start Signal Receiver (Data Client) on their computers. Thus, signals digitalized by the same ADC/DAC module can be processed by each student separately. Since the data server can transfer not only digitalized signals of ADC physical channels, but also channels created by ZETLAB virtual devices, each student can compare his/her result with the source signal processing result obtained by the teacher. For instance, lower and upper frequency filters change the signal dramatically, outlining the useful signal among noises.

Virtual Laboratories

Laboratory benches are created not only at technical and research institutes. Since studying is an interesting activity, and visual demonstration brings more results than long narration of physical laws and principles. The office at our enterprise houses all kinds of benches: “Vibration”, “Strain-Gauge”, “Thermo”, etc. To get to know ZETLAB software, you can install its demo version, connect to one or several data servers, and proceed with measurements.

Distributed Data Сollection Systems

The Data server → Data client system is used not only in education. The transfer of already digitalized signals is required in distributed data collection systems with preliminary processing. Currently, connection of data collectors to the computer via Ethernet is also widely used. Thus, signals from all analyzers/ADC-DAC modules come to the computer where they are processed. But the more distant the data collectors are from each other, the more ramified the system becomes, and the more complicated the system structure becomes. In this case, several data collectors (or even each separately) are connected to the industrial computer where preliminary data processing takes place. Signals from local computers are transferred to the server from which they are passed to the control station in a single flow.

Supported Hardware

Signal Transmitter (Data Server) is a part of the following software:

Signal Transmitter (Data Server) is included in the Network software group.