ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure

(open membrane)

  • Integrated primary transducer
  • Open membrane
  • Ready for operation
  • CAN 2.0 interface

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of ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

Metrological specifications
Measured value overpressure
Upper limit of pressure measurement range 0,1 MPa; 2,5 MPa; 6 MPa; 16 MPa; 25 MPa; 60 MPa
Sensitivity threshold (minimum difference between sequentially measured values) 1 Pa (for upper measurement limit: 0,1; 2,5; 6; 16; 25 MPa)
10 Pa (for upper measurement limit: 60 MPa)
Absolute measurement error (of the upper range limit) 0,1 %
Relative measurement error (of the measured value) 0,1 %
Additional measurement error (caused by temperature change) 0,1 %/10 °С
Parameters diagnostics power control,
data quality control,
sensing element integrity control
Technical specifications
Data refresh rate 1, 5, 25, 100, 200 Hz
Data transfer interface CAN 2.0
Exchange speed 100, 300, 1000 kbit/s
Operational specifications
Membrane type open membrane
Dimensions ∅34×190 mm
Weight 380 g
Device power from  9 to 24 V
Consumed power 0,5 W
Reverse polarity protection yes
Operational temperature range from -40 to +100 °С
Operation environment liquids and gases non-aggressive to titanium alloys and stainless steels
Design versions Standard (IP63 protection degree)
Explosion-proof* (explosion protection of  1ExdIIAT6X type, cable length – 4 m)
Pressure overload 1,5×Upper limit of pressure measuring range
Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
IEC 61000-4-2, ESD contact 4 kV; air 8 kV
IEC 61000-4-4, EFT power supply 0,5 kV; signal 0,25 kV
IEC 61000-4-5, Surge 500 V

* Price is calculated on individual basis

  • Synchronization

    Interface converter performs mutual synchronization of the digital pressure meters. This allows to control their mutual influence in various measurement points. If the exchange speed by CAN is 1000 kbit/s, then the synchronization accuracy will be ±1 ms.


of ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

No adjustment required

characteristics are stored in the measuring module memory

Measurements results

are transmitted in digital format

Integrated PT

Calculations are performed in direct vicinity to the PT


stable characterisitics and high operational reliability


of ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane) is used for fast and simple pressure measurements and measured values data transfer in digital format via CAN 2.0 interface.

ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane) is intended for integration into various technological processes automated control systems. Open membrane type enables pressure meters operation in viscous, pasty and rapidly polymerizing environments.

Operating principles

of ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane) consists of primary transducer and measuring module integrated into a single package. This allows to perform digital signal processing in direct vicinity to the transducer signal, which positvely affects the measurement results. The membrane of the primary transducer is made of a silicon plate. The strain resistor circuit (bridge connection) is implemented on the basis of the “silicon on sapphire” technology (SOS). This allows to perform inertia-free dynamic measurements up to 1,000 Hz. In contrast to metal membranes with glued bridge strain resistors, SOS membranes allow to register pressure change at the level of 0.00001 from the upper scale of the range. Sensitivity of the electronic amplifier is 15 nV reduced to the input.

Primary transducer performs pressure value conversion to analog signal. Then the measuring module performs digital processing of the signal by means of 24-digit ADC and transfers the digital pressure value via CAN 2.0 interface. The measuring module also has self-diagnostics, automated calibration and data quality control functions.

Digital gauge pressure ZET 7112-I VER.2 (open membrane) has an integrated cable with FQ7 connection. Connection to the measuring network is performed by means of  ZET 7002 connector.

Pressure meters are attached to the measured object, while the interface modules enabling data transfer are placed inside of electrical cabinets.

ZETLAB electrical cabinet is more compact than similar available products. Among ZETSENSOR modules advantages one should mention easy installation and de-installation of modules as well as power and signal transfer indication (which, in its turn, facilitates in-place diagnostics of the measuring system).

Measuring network diagram

of ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane) is ideal for establishing distributed measuring networks since there is no need to use expensive cables for the network layout.

In the course of primary and periodical calibrations ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane) parameters are saved in the internal device memory, which considerably simplifies its use. There is no need to change sensor settings since the measurements can be started right after power supply connection. Further signal processing is not required since the sensor directly transfers measured pressure values. Measurement results can be used for automated and manual pressure level adjustment in the control system.

To connect measuring networks to ZETLAB and ZETVIEW systems one can use interface converters. Possible connection options are as follows: USB (ZET 7174), Ethernet/Wi-Fi (ZET 7176), radio channel (modules  ZET 7172M and ZET 7172S). It is possible to connect up to 4 sensors to a single ZET 7174 module. The figure below shows distributed measurement network structure based on ZET 7112-I VER2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane) with open membrane.

Together with control modules the digital sensors can be used for precise parameters values control in various technological processes.

Metrological self-monitoring

ZET 7112-I VER2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

Digital gauge pressure ZET 7112-I VER.2 (open membrane) has integrated metrological diagnostic self-monitoring function — the transducer serviceability auto-check during operation. Based on metrological self-monitoring positive results, it is possible to increase inter-verification interval without standard verification procedure.

For metrological self-monitoring of ZETSENSOR digital transducers in automatic mode, special software has been developed.

“Self-check ZET 7XXX” main window is shown in the figure. On “Self-check” tab, user can select type of device, type of test, measurement process control and obtain the self-check results.

Метрологический самоконтроль ZET 7112-I

Test impact types

AC - alternating signal

FR: «Required frequency value»: «Frequency tolerance» – alternating signal frequency;

AM: «Required signal amplitude value»: «Signal amplitude tolerance» – alternating signal amplitude;

OF: «Generated signal bias»: «Generated signal bias tolerance» – generated signal bias;

TM: «Signal analysis time» – signal control time (minimal signal analysis time for transient processes or long-time tests)

Alternating signal with frequency: 0.5 ± 0.01 Hz, amplitude: 0.4 ± 0.002 V, bias: 0.1 ± 0.0001 V, minimal signal control time – 5 s.

DC - constant signal

LE: «Required signal level»: «Signal level tolerance» – generated signal level.

TM: «Signal analysis time» – control signal time (signal analysis minimal time for transient and long-time processes tests)


constant signal: 0.5 ± 0.001 V, minimal signal control time – 5 s.

ST1 - stepwise change

AM: «Minimal value»: «Maximum value» – change range.

TM: «Signal setting time» – time before signal control start

stepwise change: for 100..200 units, minimal signal control time – 5 s.

ST2 - stepwise change

MD: «Minimal change»: «Maximum change» – change amplitude.

TM: «Signal setting time» – time before signal control start

stepwise change: for 10..10.5 units in modulus, minimal signal control time – 6 s.

PPS - Pulse-per-second signal

SP: «Acceptable counts deviation» – amount of counts before or after start of a second.

Level change to be checked one time in a second.

PPS;SP:2 –
the change should take place in the beginning of a second, 2 counts.

Device type is selected from the dropdown list. To select the device type you have to click mouse left button on the element, and select the required device to be checked from the pop-up list.

Selector is used to choose the test. To change test number you have to click mouse left button on the number, and set the required value with the scroll wheel. If self-check is run, selector remains unchangeable till the moment the user stops the project operation or till self-check is finished.
There is a button to activate and stop measurements. During diagnostics the button is green, and grey – when stopped.

Indicator serves as timer showing how much time is left before the current test is finished. It takes the count after any test is begun. Test results are shown in the log.

Practical application

of ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

Leakage detection system

ZET 7112-I VER2 digital gauge pressure meters are one of the principle measuring modules for leaks detection in leakage detection systems (LDS).

Basic configuration

of ZET 7112-I VER.2 digital gauge pressure (open membrane)

Цифровой датчик давления ZET 7112-I

Pressure meter basic configuration includes:

  • Digital gauge pressure ZET 7112-I VER.2 (open membrane);
  • ZET 7002 measuring line coupling unit;
  • plug for the cable FQ14-4TJ-7;
  • spring nozzle for 7 mm plug;
  • paronite gasket;
  • set of operational documentation.

Necessary measuring products

supplied upon request

ZET 7174
ZET 7174
USB Connection

ZET 7176
ZET 7176
Ethernet connection

Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS, ROHS II)


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