Preparing Interface Converter

Installation of device drivers and ZETLAB SENSOR software

Preparing ZETSENSOR for operation:

  1. Unpack ZETSENSOR kit consisting of digital sensors and/or controllers, interface converters and 220 V → 24 V voltage converters.

Note: digital measuring modules in laboratory version are supplied preinstalled on DIN rails.

  1. Install ZETLAB software for operating ZETSENSOR modules from the CD to the computer. To do this, run ZETLab.msi installation file and follow the installation wizard instructions and wait for the installation completion.
  2. Run ZETLAB software from the Start menu or using the desktop icon (Figure 1).

Note: some functionality of ZETLAB software can be activated only if the respective licenses are available. These licenses are embedded in device firmware or provided together with ZETKEY electronic key delivered with the equipment.

Подготовка преобразователя интерфейсов

Figure 1

  1. Run ZET Device Manager from the Service menu on ZETLAB panel (Figure 2).

Note: correct operation of ZET Device Manager requires that ZET7xxxServiceWork is not active. It is necessary to exit ZET7xxxServiceWork if it is running, by closing the window.

Подготовка преобразователя интерфейсов

Figure 2

  1. Connect interface converters to USB (or Ethernet) ports of the computer with cables (included in delivery package).

Note: number and the type of interface converters depend on delivery package.

  1. After connecting interface converters to the computer, the operating system will search and install necessary drivers for interaction with interface converters on software level.
  2. Make sure that ZET Device Manager window displays identifiers of connected interface converters. ZET 7076 and ZET 7176 interface converters require additional activation (engagement) for their operation – it can be done through the shortcut menu which is opened by the right mouse click on the device identifier (Figure 3):

Note: the example is referred to the case of connecting ZET 7070 interface converter and ZET 7176 converter. 

Подготовка преобразователя интерфейсов

Figure 3

If identifiers of connected ZET 7070 or ZET 7174 interface converters (USB interface) are not present in ZET Device Manager, open Windows Device Manager (Figure 4) and make sure that ZETSENSOR is present in the USB Controllers section. ZETSENSOR can be absent in the USB Controllers section because the USB device driver is not installed.

Подготовка преобразователя интерфейсов

Figure 4

Ethernet interface converters ( ZET 7076 and ZET 7176) can be absent in ZET Device Manager since ZETLAB software has not detected a software license for work with Ethernet – make sure that ZETKEY with relevant license is connected to the computer.