Testing & Control. Moscow 2018

15-th International Exhibition

Overview of the exhibition Testing and Control 2018

ZETLAB Company would like to thank everyone who has attended our Booth at the 15-th international exhibition Testing & Control 2018, which was held on October 23-d – 25-th, 2018 at the International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo.

Our specialists

ZETLAB Company specialist 6
Specialist of ZETLAB Company 2
Specialist of ZETLAB Company 3

Our exhibition stands

Multi-channel vibrational acoustic system

Multi-channel vibroacoustic system 2018
Exhibition stand of vibration acoustics measurement system
Vibration acoustics measurement system - system components

Shaker control system

Shaker controller - VCS
Shaker controller - VCS 2018 - mounting of accelerometers
Control days 2018 - vibration transducers

Vibration tests control system

VCS exhibition stand 2018
Shaker controller system 2018
VCS - shaker controller 2018 - test system components

Multi-channel strain gauge measurement system

Test bench of strain-gauge measurement system
Strain gauge measurement system 2018 - system components - program interface
Strain gauge measurement systems based on transducers of ZETSENSOR series

Rotary oscillations control system

Torsional oscillations measurement system 2018
Exhibition stand of Rotary oscillations measurement system
Rotary oscillations measurement system - system components

Presentation of recent developments by ZETLAB Company

at the Exhibition Testing & Control 2018

Within the framework of the Exhibition Testing & Control 2018, specialists of ZETLAB Company have taken participation in the conference program with a presentation of new product developments of 2018.

In 2018 the main emphasis of the Company’s activity was dedicated to a brand-new shaker controller (VCS)  ZET 024 and ZET 028, which can be characterized as highly-efficient tools used for a variety of vibration tests applications. The presentation also included the announcement of new multi-functional analyzers of vibration acoustic signals ZET 032, ZET 034 and ZET 038; strain-gauge measurement systems ZET 052 and ZET 058; digital industrial vibration transducer ZET 7152-N Pro and new functions, which are now available in ZETLAB Software package.

Thank you for visiting our Booth!

Sincerely yours,

ZETLAB Company

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