Signal Reproduction Software

Signal Reproduction is used for reproducing signals recorded by Signal Recording. When reproduction is on, the reproduced signals become available for analysis and measurement in all ZETLAB programs.

Воспроизведение сигналов ZETLAB

The program allows to select signal reproduction rate: accelerated or real-time. There is also a possibility to reproduce a signal not from the beginning, but from any part of the recording. The software interface allows for viewing the oscillogram of the read signal.

Воспроизведение сигналов ZETLAB

In Signal Reproduction, it is possible to view and listen to the comments made during signal recording. It is possible to switch on continuous signal reproduction, which is convenient, if the signal recording was divided into parts (e.g. during long measurements or continuous monitoring).

Supported Hardware

Signal Reproduction is a part of the following software:


For ADC-DAC and ZETSENSORS digital sensors, the program can be available as part of the recording and signal reproduction option.

Signal Reproduction is included in the Recording software group:

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Features of Recording and Reading Signals in ZETLAB

The ZETLAB software offers different options for saving data:

  • Signal recording

    — source data coming to input channels of the measuring tools (Signal Recording software)

  • Recording signal parameters

    e.g. constant level values with predefined averaging (Multichannel recorder software)

  • Recording current results

    in the analysis and display programs (the Record button in the program interface).

Depending on the data recorded and type of recording, the following programs may be used for reading:

  • Signal Reproducing

    — for reproducing the recorded signals (temporary implementations) and their processing with the ZETLAB software

  • Trend Viewing

    — for studying long-term implementation trends (recorded with Multichannel Recorder or Signal Recorder)

  • Results Query

    — for displaying recorded measurement results