Signal envelope

Signals filtration program

The program Signals filtration allows to calculate signal envelope.

The signal level envelope is calculated as a smoothed RMS value of the signal. Signal envelope parameter is the smoothing time, which is set in ms. For vibration meters and noise meters, there are two standard smoothing time periods: “Fast” (125) ms and “Slow” (1000 ms).

The figures below show an example of amplitude-modulated signal envelope calculation in the program “Signals filtration“.

Программа Фильтрация сигналов. Установка параметров фильтра Огибающая
Calculation of signal envelope in Signals filtration program

Многоканальный осциллограф. Сигнал с огибающей
Source signal and signal envelope (in the program “Multichannel oscilloscope”, graphs overlapping mode)