Software package

Shaker Validation

Shaker Validation is a software package intended for certification of electrodynamic shakers in compliance with the applicable requirements, generally described in ISO 5344 2004.

The software package “Shaker Validation” allows to implement the following operations in semi-automated mode:

  • Test run of the electrodynamic shaker systems;
  • Evaluation of acceleration unevenness;
  • Evaluation of acceleration, vibration displacement, and frequency ranges;
  • Evaluation of acceleration and (or) displacement harmonics ratio;
  • Evaluation of transverse components ratio;
  • Evaluation of distribution unevenness ratio;
  • Evaluation of trunnion resonance frequency and the first resonance frequency of the moving part of the system;
  • Evaluation of vibration noise level at the shaker table;
  • Evaluation of acceleration and (or) displacement maintenance tolerance at the control point;
  • Evaluation of system operability in the case of load applied at the right angle towards the operating axis of the shaker;
  • Evaluation of system operation under the admissible eccentricity of load;
  • Evaluation of frequency maintenance error limit.


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Description of verification procedure

The software package is delivered together with controller ZET 038 (FFT Spectrum analyzer of vibration acoustic signals). As controller ZET 038 is connected to PC, and ZETLAB panel is started, in the “Metrology” tab there will appear the program “Shaker Validation“.

The bottom part of the window of “Shaker Validation” program displays the event log containing information relating to operation of the program.

As the parameters of the control channel and the range of nominal (certified) frequency range are properly set, you can launch the program using the key “Start”.


The electrodynamic shaker to be verified should be equipped with a standard control system to be used for vibration profile configuration in the nominal range with the amplitude corresponding to the maximal displacement and acceleration limits in compliance with the applicable certification procedure.