Electrical networks control system

Electrical networks control system is intended for measurements of network electrical resistance and insulation electrical resistance of the tested specimen. The measurement process takes a couple of minutes.

General characteristics
Amount of contacts for tested networks connection  (ZET 452) 72
Amount of contacts for tested networks connection  (ZET 452 and 7 extension modules ZET 452 MP) 576
Amount of contacts for tested networks connection  (ZET 452 and 7 switching modules ZET 454) 2016
Characteristics in electrical resistance measurement mode
Measured resistance range 0,1 Ohm– 200 MOhm
DC test voltage 2,5 V/ 5V
Additional available tested voltage value 250 V
500 V
Measurement speed up to 600 checks per minute
Characteristics in insulation resistance measurement mode 
Measured insulation resistance range 1 – 100 Mohm
Testing DC voltage 100 V
Voltage hold-up time for insulation resistance measurements 2 – 60 s
Measurement speed up to 30 checks per minute

Application spheres

Complex test systems
Industrial processes
Start-up and commissioning works
Scientific and technical research

Operating principles

Cable products quality control

cable networks control

The electrical networks parameters control system is used for comprehensive control of cable products in the course of start-up, commissioning, periodical and other types of tests. Electrical circuits control system is also integrated into the scope of more complex test systems used for control of the devices having a great number of electrical networks, thus, providing control of such parameters as “electrical circuits resistance control” and “insulation resistance of electrically connected networks”.

Cable networks control

For the purpose of cable networks control, there is used a modular system consisting of several functional nodes, the amount of which depends on the number of the controlled points.

cable networks control system diagram

The automated cable networks control system allows to check the compliance of the cable network with circuit diagram and electrical connections diagram, as well as to detect wrong connections, disconnection faults, contact-to-frame faults, insulation resistance fault and spare wires.

The test system includes the following components:

ZET 452

Electrical circuits control device

PC with Software

Electrical circuits parameters control

ZET 454

Communication unit
Increase of the channels amount


Extension module
Increase of the channels amount

Extension module ZET452MP is used for measurement of the resistance value between the points connected to various modules ZET452MP. Communications module ZET454 is used for communication of the networks connected to one of the input ports to the input contacts of ZET 452. When communications module is used, it is possible to control the networks connected to the contact of various communication units.

If it is necessary to control more than 1000 networks, then one should use several measuring modules with extension and communication modules.

The system is equipped with cable adapters used for connection of the controlled device to the input ports of electrical networks control device ZET 452, extension modules ZET 452MP and communication unit ZET 452.

Advantages of the system

  • Verification scenario

    it is possible to configure verification scenario and to save it to a file

  • Automated mode

    measurements in automated mode, tolerance compliance control, highlighting of the increased values

  • Tests report

    tests report is saved as “.xls” file

  • Items identification

    a single device supports recognition of up to 30 types of tested items, otherwise, it is also possible to select the necessary file from the database

System components

The price of the system depends on its particular configuration

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