for the electric circuit parameter control device

ZET 452 MP Extension Unit

The ZET 452 MP extension unit improves the capabilities of electric circuit parameter control devices:

  • increases the number of measuring circuits;
  • makes it possible to build distributed systems for cable networks checking.

POR (price on request)


of the ZET 452 MP Extension Units

Switched terminals of measured circuits 72
Maximum consumed power 70 W
Weight 3.0 kg
Overall dimensions (Length×Width×Height) 302×260×72 mm


of the ZET 452 MP Extension Units

The ZET 452 MP extension unit is intended for increasing the number of channels for checking electric circuits. One ZET 452 electric circuit control device allows for connection of up to 7 ZET 452 MP extension unit, thus increasing the number of channels from 72 to up to 576.

Increasing the number of channels using the ZET 452 MP extension units can be used to build automated workplaces for cable products testing. One ZET 452 electric circuits control device and several (up to 7) ZET 452 MP extension units synchronize forming an electric circuit test bench. The terminals of a device to be tested are connected to ZET 452 and ZET 452 MP via a switching device (adapter harness). Circuit checking can be performed between any terminals of the device being tested, including the terminals connected to different units of a single bench. Measurements are performed automatically following a pre-set scenario (table of circuits to be checked) in the “Electric circuit control” program.

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