Super-Resolution Spectrum

Super-resolution Spectrum is used for spectral signal analysis with high frequency resolution. The program is used in diagnostics and monitoring systems of buildings and for analyzing non-stationary signals. The Software enables solving the following tasks:

  • narrow-band signals spectral parameters long-term dependencies analysis
  • signal harmonic components spectral separation

The program does not serve as a substitution for “Narrow-band spectrum” software which is used to determine primary signal frequency band in the case of narrow-band spectrum analysis.

Then the “Super-resolution spectrum” program enables perfomance of spectral analysis with a maximum resolution value available in the “Narrow-band spectrum” software.

The program creates a two-dimensional sonogram of the selected signal. Horizontal axis represents the frequency value of the selected band and the vertical axis shows the time (time value maximum limit is up to 83 hours).

The sonogram has a color representation of spectral density power. The color sonogram allows the operator to easily determine the maximum value change nature, which (depending on the particular task) can be a resonance, intrinsic frequency or other parameter of the researched narrow-band spectrum.

Input data for Super-resolution Spectrum includes digital data of the ZETLAB server channel.

Super-resolution Spectrum is included into the following software packages:

Super-resolution Spectrum is included in the Signal Analysis software group.