ZETLAB Software update

dt 20.02.2017

ПО ZETLAB 02.2016

New ZETLAB Software update (release) is scheduled on Feb 20, 2017.

This release includes a number of new functions and improvements, which will enable better performance of the software used with ZETLAB hardware products:

конвертация данных с автономных регистраторов ZET 7173 и цифровых сейсморегистраторов ZET 048

We have developed a new program for data conversion so that to create a user-friendly interface and to enable simple representation of the recorded data as well as processing of particular time intervals.

We have studied the most widely used scenarios of the off-line recorders operation and integrated them into the program. In order to simplify the access to the program we have implemented its automated start in the case if a new ZETLAB hardware is detected.

Thus, the user can achieve the desirable result with a single click!

Allows you to represent the measured data in a user-friendly way as well as to add a wide range of additional information to the displayed charts, thus turning them into animated object.


In order to provide a more detailed data analysis and events representation there has been developed a special program “Events history view”, which enables display and analysis of the events which have been recorded by means of ZETLAB Software for a long-term monitoring period.


Do you want to study the possibilities of signal trends and view, but do not have a hardware tool or a software key?

The only thing you should have is an internet connection. All you have to do is to connect to the signals and events demo-server which operates 24 hours a day in online mode.

Narrow-band signals spectral parameters long-term dependencies analysis as well as spectral separation of signal’s harmonics with similar frequencies can be easily performed by means of “Super-resolution spectrum” program.

The program can be used for such purposes as analysis of external factors impact on natural frequencies and engineering structures (i.e. bridges, buildings, towers, etc) resonance control.

спектр со сверхразрешением


The notification system is used to inform the users of the condition of ZETLAB hardware products, which are connected to the PC.

In the case if there occur any errors in the course of device use or a PC connection fault, the program will provide the user with the necessary information along with recommendations on errors eliminitation.

In accordance with the modern tendencies in metrology, there has been developed a task-oriented software “Metrological self-check” for the products of ZETSENSOR series.

This function is used to reduce the possibility of unreliable measurements data readings during inter-verification and inter-calibration interval. It also allows to change  inter-verification and inter-calibration intervals depending on the remaining metrological operation time.

метрологический самоконтроль


Within the framework of Structural health monitoring system (SHM) there has been developed a project “Determination of natural oscillations period and logarithmic decrement”.

The project enables constant monitoring of building’s oscillations parameters: frequency, decrement and corresponding calculations error. The monitoring results obtained are recorded by logging and events representation system.

Following numerous requests from our customers, we have added option of third-party sensors use via MODBUS protocol.

In order to do that you have to describe characterisitics of the connected sensors in the configuration file. We have developed a simple configurator so that you could create such files.

конфигурирование сторонних устройств

дополнительные возможности программы Тензометр

Now, due to new program features, setting the parameters for strain-gauge measurements is simple and user-friendly. New interface composition will highlight the parameters to be set in order to obtain precise measurements results, and the Calibration mode will reduce the time necessary for sensor’s calibration.

It is rather often that ZETLAB products users have to perform measurements by several channels simultaneously. For instance, to control DC voltmeter readings from several sensors at once. In addition to readings monitoring of each of the sensors, the user might also need to save the data obtained to a separate file for the purpose of further data processing.

Многоканальная измерительная система

For user’s convenience we have developed a task-oriented program “Multi-channel measurements system”, which allows to solve all the above mentioned tasks.