Elevators diagnostics system Vector

based on digital sensors of ZETSENSOR series

Lift diagnostics system “Vector” is used for measurements in the course of elevators diagnostics and enables measurements of the following parameters:

  • Average value of lift cabin deceleration during landing on elevator car safeties, m/s2 (g);
  • Maximum value of elevator cabin deceleration during landing on lift car safeties, m/s2 (g);
  • Time of over-deceleration m/s2  (2,55 g) during landing on elevator car safeties, s;
  • Acceleration (deceleration) of elevator cabin in operational mode and emergency breaking mode, m/s2 (g).

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of Lift diagnostics system “Vector”

Technical specifications
Integrated primary transducer type Triaxial accelerometer ZET 7152-N
Number of measuring channels 3 (axes X, Y, Z)
Measured parameter linear acceleration
Linear acceleration measurements range -70…70 m/s²
Linear acceleration measurements tolerance, max 1 %
Indicator type graphical, black and white
Resolution 98×32 px
Control mechanical keys
Battery capacity 2800  mAh
Battery Li-ion, replaceable
operation time in measurements mode 8 hrs
Battery constant voltage charge 4,2 V
Battery charging rate 500 mA
Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 300×250×130 mm

Operating principles

of Elevators diagnostics system “Vector”

Lift Elevators diagnostics system “Vector” – is a portable recording system which includes:

  • digital accelerometer  ZET 7152-N;
  • digital indicator ZET 7178;
  • interface converter ZET 7174;
  • off-line recorder ZET 7173;
  • four Li-ion batteries Rexant 18650 2800 mAh with a Holder 18650.

The hardware of the portable recording system is placed inside of a package made in the form of a case. Its bottom surface has magnet plates, allowing to attach the case to the metal surface of the elevator’s floor.

ZET 7152-N digital accelerometer is a vibration sensor with an integrated triaxial sensing element, which performs acceleration constant component conversion into a digital signal by three mutually transverse axes. It is used for measurements and conversion of the elevator’s cabin acceleration value (which also affects the portable recorder system) into a digital signal to be further sent to a standalone recorder and an integrated memory card. It is also possible to display the data on the digital indicator.

ZET 7173 off-line recorder is used for the purpose of recording the data obtained from the digital accelerometer. Signals recording starts automatically as the portable recorder system is powered on. All the data are saved to microSD card as a group of files in a special format.

In order to perform further processing of the recorded data or to configure elevators diagnostics system “Vector”, connect the system to PC via USB.

Portable recorder system measures acceleration by three mutually transverse axes. Measuring axis X is orthogonal to the base and is forwarded to the lid of the system, while axes X and Y are parallel to the base.

Measurement of acceleration in three axes

SCADA-project Lift diagnostics system

SCADA-project “Elevators diagnostic system”  is used for the purpose of lift structures diagnostics in accordance with the applicable requirements:

  • deceleration evaluation during landing on elevator car safeties;
  • evaluation of acceleration (deceleration speed) of the elevator cabin in operational mode and the emergency brake mode.

The measurements can be performed in a real-time or standalone mode with further data processing in “Elevators diagnostics system” program. As a result of signals analysis received from the sensors, the following parameters are obtained:

  • average value of elevator’s cabin deceleration during landing on elevator car soft safeties;
  • maximum value of lift cabin deceleration during landing on elevator car hard safeties;
  • excession of elevator cabin deceleration time m/s2 (g) during landing on elevator car hard safeties.
Project Lift Diagnostics System

The panel “Measurements performance parameters” is used to set accelerometer’s measuring channel, resolution of accelerometer signal filtration by means of LPF and the cut-off frequency. LPF option is useful when the accelerometer signal spectrum has high-frequency components induced by various factors. By applying a filter with the certain cut-off frequency, it is possible to exclude undesirable measurements results (especially in the case if two parameters are measured in a single program window). In addition to that the “Measurements performance parameters” window depicts accelerometer’s channel sampling rate, the measurements limit based on recorder’s specifications as well as diagrams of acceleration, velocity, and displacement.

Upon activation of the “Start” key, there begins the data acquisition process and the current measurement time is displayed. The name of the key changes for “Stop”. This key now allows to stop the measurements performance time and to display measurements diagrams.

Upon completion of the measurements process, all the measured values are depicted in the “Measurements results” panel.

Basic delivery scope

of Lift diagnostics system “Vector”

Mobile set of Sdl Vector. View from above

Elevators diagnostics system “Vector” delivery scope includes:

  • portable recorder system;
  • USB cable;
  • charging device for Robiton Li500-2 batteries;
  • CD with task-specific SCADA-project “Elevators diagnostics system”;
  • operational documentation.

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