AP2038 Accelerometer

  • Triaxial accelerometer
  • With integrated IEPE-standard electronics
  • Sensitivity: 10 mV/g;
  • Frequency range: 0.5 ~ 12,000 Hz

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of the AP2038 triaxial accelerometers

Sensitivity 10 mV/g
Frequency range 0.5 to 12,000 Hz
Amplitude range ±500 g
Maximum shock (peak value) ±500 g
Feed current 2 to 20 mA
Power supply voltage 15 to 30 V
Temperature range −40 to +125 °C
Type of connector 3×BNC
Cable (standard length) integrated, 2 m
Weight 34 g


of the AP2038 triaxial accelerometers

  • Combination of high axial sensibility, intrinsic frequency, and shock resistance;
  • Low sensitivity to electromagnetic fields;
  • Feed voltage and current wide range;
  • Low intrinsic noise level.


of the AP2038 triaxial accelerometers

The integrated ICP (IEPE) standard amplifier allows to connect the AP2038 accelerometers directly to FFT spectrum analyzers.

ZETLAB software used together with FFT spectrum analyzers makes it possible to obtain measurement results and secondary parameters in a graphic and numeric form (without the necessity to perform complex configuration), as well as to resolve the signal into spectrum components, and to build automated control and measurement systems.

Connecting the AP2038 to the spectrum analyzer

The thee-coordinate “single-crystal” accelerometer AP2038 measures three mutually perpendicular vibration acceleration vectors passing through a single point located in the center of the vibration sensor piezoelectric cell. The information from the piezoelectric cell electrodes is converted by the multi-channel differential summation amplifier and delivered to three BNC outputs: x, y, and z. The vibration sensors enable evaluation of the volumetric phase image of vibration accelerations in the point of their mounting on the controlled object.

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