System for temperature chambers performance confirmation

System for temperature chambers performance confirmation allows to conduct tests in accordance with the procedures specified in IEC 60068-3-5:2001 “Supporting documentation and guidance – Confirmation of the performance of temperature chambers” and IEC 60068-3-6:2001 “Environmental testing. Guidance. Confirmation of the performance of temperature/humidity chambers”.

The instruments included into the scope of the system for temperature chambers performance confirmation have been accordingly certified.

Performance confirmation procedure: sequence

Selecting the instruments
Measurements and calculations
Issuing a Protocol


The list of particular operations to be performed in the course of system operation confirmation procedure is available in corresponding standards.

Temperature chamber operation confirmation procedure

positioning of main and additional transducers

Environmental factors may affect the conditions inside of the temperature chamber in the course of tests performance. In particular, minor fluctuations in atmospheric pressure may result in fluctuations of relative humidity in the working space of the temperature chamber. That is exactly why the scope of instruments for system performance confirmation includes absolute pressure sensor ZET 7012-A (160 kPa).

System components

Item Name Function Quantity Price
V = 2 m³ V >2 m³
TC Resistance temperature converter (cable length – 5 m) Temperature measurement and control in the temperature chamber working space 9 16 63 USD
temperature and humidity transducer Temperature and humidity transducers Temperature and humidity: measurements and control 1* 1* 1754 USD
air speed transducer Air flow speed sensor Measurement of air flow speed 1 1* 459 USD
measuring module ZET 7021 Measurement module ZET 7021 Digital processing of the signals received from the resistance temperature converters 9 16 94 USD
measuring modeule ZET 7080-I Measurement module ZET 7080-I Digital processing of the air flow speed, temperature, and humidity transducers 2 2 73 USD
absolute pressure sensor ZET 7012-A Digital absolute pressure sensor ZET 7012-A (0,16 mPa) Environmental conditions control in the course of measurements performance 1 1 253 USD
interface converter ZET 7070 Interface converter ZET 7070 Digitized data transfer to PC for further processing 1 1 100 USD
mounting rack Mounting racks For mounting of the primary transducers inside of the temperature chamber 10 17 228 USD
SCADA project Multichannel measurement system SCADA-project “Multichannel measurement system” Software for measurement data acquisition and processing 1 1 from 828 USD

*Unless otherwise specified in temperature chamber performance confirmation methodics

Price of the system: from 8 062 USD

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