Cross-Spectrum FFT Analysis

The software is used for narrowband cross-spectral analysis of signals coming from the input channels of FFT spectrum analyzers in real time or recorded time realization view mode, as well as for viewing various spectral characteristics of signals.

Взаимный узкополосный спектральный анализ

Взаимный узкополосный спектральный анализ - настройка параметров программы

Main Software Features

  • Measurement and display of signal levels in narrow spectral bands. The number of bands can be equal to the second power (128, 256, 512, 1,024, 2,048) or arbitrary (e.g. 100, 200, 500, …, 2,000) used with Z-transformation;
  • Measurement and display of signal fractional-octave characteristics with various types of averaging (linear, exponential), processing (integration, signal differentiation) and representation (r.m.s. or crest factor values);
  • Measurement and display of the real and imaginary components, phase difference, and signal coherence factor:
  • Measurement and display of the cross-spectrum module;
  • Measurement of the complex frequency response and spectral component coherent power.

Supported Hardware

Input data for Cross-Spectrum FFT analysis includes digital data of the ZETLAB server channel.

Cross-Spectrum FFT analysis is included into the following software packages:

Cross-Spectrum FFT analysis is included in the Signal analysis software group.