Signal Receiver (Data Client)

The program is used for receiving digitalized signals from server computers. Network data transfer is highly required in distributed measuring systems as well as educational laboratories.

The figure below shows Data Client and Multichannel Oscillograph windows. The data client can be used for connecting the ZETLAB DEMO server. The DEMO server channels will appear in the oscillograph signal list.

Приём сигналов по сети

In the Signal Receiver (Data Client) window specify the IP address of the computer which serves as the data server. If the connection is successful, the digitalized signal speed and volume of the received data are displayed.

ZETLAB Signal Transmitting and Receiving

ZETLAB software is a set of virtual instruments working with signals of the ZET server. The list of ZET server signals can differ by the number and type of connected devices, presence of programs generating virtual channels, etc. All ZET server signals can be roughly divided into 4 types:

  • digitalized signals of switched-on channels of ZET devices connected to the computer;
  • demo channels (in case there are no ZET devices connected);
  • virtual channels created by programs such as Signal Generator, Strain-Gauge Sensor, Vibration Meter, etc.;
  • signals received from data servers.

As soon as the signal transmitter turns on, any computer located on the same subnetwork can connected to it via the program Signal Receiver (Data Client) – and all signals of the server computer appear in its channel list. Then it does not matter whether these signals are processed by the server computer or a computer to which they are coming via the Signal Transmitter (Data Server)Signal Receiver (Data Client) system.

Supported Hardware

Signal Receiver (Data Client) is a part of the following software:

Signal Receiver (Data Client) is included in the Network software group.