Seismometer 4211

  • velocimeter;
  • extended frequency range;
  • single- and three-axial product versions;
  • wide working frequency range;
  • no adjustment or inertial mass alignment required;
  • high reliability – transportation does not require caging;
  • low price and power consumption.

Price is provided upon request 


The seismometer is delivered only within the scope of products for seismic analysis and monitoring manufactured by ZETLAB Company

This seismograph model has been developed for the purpose of fast deployment and installation, for engineering structures seismic control, for application in areas with constant background noise above NLNM level.

We have improved the characteristics of the product by extending its the frequency range.


of seismometer 4211

Technical specifications
Transfer factor (differential output) 2000 V/(m/s)
Max. registered signal ±7,5 mm/s
Frequency range 0,033…50 Hz
Noise level See the Figure below
Mounting: max. tilt angle ±15 °
Temperature range −12…+55 °C
(option: −40…+50°C)
Casing material aluminium
Diameter 180 mm
Height 140 mm
Weight 4,3 kg
Power/consumption (for 4211-3) 10,5-30 V DC  27 mA
Power/consumption (for 4211-V(H)) 10,5-30 V DC  12 mA

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