Manufacture of devices of ZETSensor series

ZETSENSOR – a family of intelligent miniature easy-to-use devices. The family was designed to incorporate all kinds of sensors into the body. Each device is one, two or three-channel, it is specialized for a specific type of sensor and contains a digital signal processor, which allows to make calculations autonomously and transfer to the user already finished data that does not require further processing. An important advantage of the series is the ability to use devices without complex settings and configurations. The sensor starts to operate and transmit data immediately after power is applied. The amplification and processing are made as close as possible to the sensitive element, and the data is transmitted in digital form, which reduces the requirements for the data transmission channel and cheap cables can be used to organize the network.

Using the devices of this family, it is possible to build distributed measuring networks. Unlike the centralized measurement circuits used traditionally, no “star” connection is required, which reduces the overall length of the circuits.