Condition monitoring of the mechanisms

The Continuous Monitoring System of the acoustic noise parameter and the vibration level allows to perform continuous measurements, recording and evaluation of required noise parameters and vibration for correspondence to standard requirements.
The System is designed for continuous monitoring of automobile, railroad, aviation and any other noise and vibration produced by industrial or domestic source. By exceeding of predetermined level, the message about exceeding the noise and vibration level appears, and then the failure diagnostic and detection program is activated which works out in detail the cause of exceeding the noise and vibration level.

The vibration pick-up and all-weather microphone are used in the system. The noise and vibration analyzer ZET 017-U2 or ZET 017-U8 is used as the gaging unit. All of the equipment is installed in a specific technical casing protected from the environmental factors influence. The casing can be made in explosion-proof design.

The measurements can be continuously carried out under any weather conditions and for a long period of time. The connection with the system of the continuous monitoring is carried out by means of the local network LAN 10/100, Wi-Fi protocol or the mobile communications (GSM). The measurement results saved on the internal flash memory of the spectrum analyzer can periodically be transferred to a computer.

Use of multiple simultaneously working spectrum analyzers allows to control noise pollution within the great areas of a city, as well as noise and vibration from highways, airports, railroads and the industrial units.

Additional options of the monitoring system

The environmental noise monitoring system can be equipped by additional meteorological equipment for climatic parameters measurement such as temperature, humidity, measurement of atmospheric pressure, the speed and direction of the wind. Monitoring of these factors can be of fundamental importance in prediction of the noise pollution spreading. The system can perform monitoring of the vibration affecting a human body and building structures and record the vibration of soils and buildings.