• balanced output hydrophone;
  • operates in heavy interference environment;
  • can be used with extra-long cable;
  • detection of earthquakes in oceans;
  • seismic studies at sea shelf.

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of BC 313 hydrophones


used for measurements by immersing into water on the cable


used for measurements by cutting-in to the wall of sealed vessel or pipe


of BC 313 underwater/threaded hydrophones

Designation BC 313
Version underwater threaded
Nominal sensitivity * 50 mkV/Pa
500 mkV/Pa
5,000 mkV/Pa
Sensitivity level* (relative to 1V/µPa) -206 dB
-186 dB
-166 dB
Frequency band 20…20,000 Hz
Maximum value of measured sound pressure range*
(as per nominal sensitivity)
50 kPa
10 kPa
1 kPa
Limit static line pressure 4 MPa 7 MPa
Self-noise** (as per nominal sensitivity) 0.2 Pa
0.1 Pa
0.01 Pa
Supply voltage (bipolar) ±10…±15 V
Current consumption 20…30 mA
Output resistance
Explosion-proof version upon request
Casing material stainless steel
Dimensions (length × casing diameter) 173 × ⌀23 mm 171 × ⌀23 mm
Coupling thread M20×1.5
Weight (without cable)
Cable standard length 10 m 2 m
Maximum cable length 1,000 m
Cable outer diameter 6 mm
Cable type coaxial with PVC coating, central wire, screened, resistive to environment containing sulfuric acid
Cable connection end-piece with wires
Measurements operation environment water, air, oil and oil products, natural gas
Operation environment temperature 0…+60 °C
Environment air temperature −60…+80 °C

*The parameter shall be determined when placing an order. The default parameter is set for the nominal sensitivity of 500 mkV/Pa, for special order, the parameter value is set at 50 mkV/Pa or 5,000 mkV/Pa.
**Self-noise referred to output in the frequency band: from 10 Hz to the band upper limit.


of BC 313 underwater/threaded hydrophones

in-place check

screened sensing element

corrosion-resistant casing

low-noise connection cable


of BC 313 underwater/threaded hydrophones

Hydrophone BC 313 are connected to FFT spectrum analyzers ZET 017 over ZET 430 matching device, which provides power supply for the hydrophone, sending output signal from hydrophone to the FFT spectrum analyzer, and also, sending test signals from FFT spectrum analyzer integrated generator to conduct non-dismantle calibration of hydrophones.

Hydrophone BC 313 - measuring system components

Hydrophone BC 313 - measuring system layout


of BC 313 underwater/threaded hydrophones

Hydrophone BC 313 - structural diagram of measuring system

S+ Non-inverting output
S- Inverting output
+12V Power input +
−12V Power input −
ACT Electric monitoring (calibration)
GND Transducer screen
Common supply wire


Frequency response of Hydrophone BC 313 is shown in the chart.


of BC 313 underwater/threaded hydrophones

Hydrophone BC 313 is a dynamic pressure transducer with even response curve throughout the complete range of frequencies observed in any homogeneous medium, including air, sea and fresh water; the hydrophones are also intended to address hydroacoustics issues: to measure sound pressure level in liquid media and to observe cavitation processes.

Hydrophone BC 313 uses piezoceramic element as a signal transducer. The integrated amplifier allows transmitting signals via long submarine cables (down to 1,000 m ocean depth).

Hydrophone internal nodes are electrically insulated from the metal casing. Special attention has been paid to signal interference protection. This enables using hydrophones both in air and water reservoirs, where the electric potential of water differs from that of the earth as well as in cases of high electromagnetic field presence.

Hydrophone BC 313 can be used to determine explosion pressure up to 1,000 kPa, pulse duration 2-5 ms (time sensitivity – approximately 0.1 ms).

Scope of application

of BC 313 underwater/threaded hydrophones

Hydrophone calibration

For the purpose of periodical hydrophone calibration, a number of specific systems are used.
Even though such systems have a lot of unique technical features, the overall principle of their operation and use is quite similar.
Hydrophone BC 313 calibration system is sound pressure source having precise parameters. It should be noted that the hydrophone calibration system itself should undergo obligatory factory calibration so that to make sure that the sound pressure level parameters of the hydrophone calibration system meet necessary requirements.
Hydrophone calibration system structure is similar to that of pistonphone – it has a coupler cavity, set of pistons and a rotating part causing the pistons to produce and maintain sound pressure level in accordance with the specified parameters.
Most of the systems used for hydrophone calibration can be used in the field environment and preserve their operational and functional parameters in various humidity, temperature, and pressure environments.

All the hydrophones manufactured by ZETLAB Company undergo obligatory calibration with the use of Brüel & Kjær Hydrophone Calibrator (Type 4229).