Measuring products

LLC “Electronic Technologies and Metrological Systems” manufactures measuring products and modules, which are used as a base for data acquisition and processing systems.

Modular structure of the products allows to create various software and hardware systems as well as to expand system’s functions by using additional modules. Combination of various elements of the system also allows to improve technical specifications of the system.


Multi-channel FFT Spectrum Analyzers for audio and ultrasonic range

Тензометрическое оборудование

Multi-channel strain gauge stations with integrated generators for power supply of the sensors

Сейсмическое оборудование

Mine, expedition and industrial seismic stations for seismic research activities

Усилители сигнала

High-voltage coupling amplifiers, charge and voltage amplifiers

Electrical circuits

control modules

Electrical circuits and circuit insulation resistance measurements

ADC DAC modules


Модули АЦП-ЦАП + десятки программ для анализа и измерений = виртуальная лаборатория на ладони!

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