Developed software for working with devices

Developed software news 2008

In addition to virtual instruments, ZETLab software contains programs for working with real devices, such as signal generators, power supplies, multimeters, etc. These devices are connected to the computer via the RS-232 interface, and they are controlled using the ZETLab software, thus it becomes possible to introduce real devices into various measuring circuits. Using high-precision measuring instruments, metrological complexes can be created.

For example, to work with the Agilent 34401A multimeter, the program “Multimeter” has been created that displays the results of this device operation in the operation modes of an AC voltmeter, a DC voltmeter, an AC ammeter, a DC ammeter or a frequency counter in channel units or in decibels. In the SCADA-system ZETView, projects are created in which, when the meter readings are exceeded, a control signal is sent, for example, from the output of the complex signal generator DS 360.