for Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring of Building Structures (Buildings, Constructions) Based on Industrial Seismic Recording System (Seismic Station) ZET 048-C

Need for Building Structures Diagnostics and Monitoring

Technical condition of the building structures is influenced by many factors, such as operation environment, climate, external and internal impacts. Due upkeep of the building guarantees its safety, timely detection and elimination of building structures defects.

The system of diagnostics and condition monitoring of the building structures based on seismic recording system ZET 048-С is designed for experimental determination of building structures basic dynamic characteristics.

The main task for that purpose is to ensure health and safety of citizens, preserve material values, prevent technical and environmental damage. The automated monitoring of buildings utility systems and structures allows to collect information on revealed defects and failures and transfer data to corresponding organizations. This is necessary to promptly take action for preventing emergency situations.

Diagnostics and condition monitoring of building structures is carried out through the analysis of changes in the stress-strain state of buildings during operation, in this particular case by using seismic station ZET 048-С.

Such systems are utilized in seismically active areas for performing diagnostics of buildings after fires and explosions, of dangerous buildings or buildings, the useful life of which already implies the need for such inspections. Diagnostics and monitoring of the building structures are also relevant at different stages of construction of buildings and structures.

It is not uncommon for residents of buildings to refer to special services, such as Emergencies Ministry, and to request such inspections in order to avoid potential danger to health and safety.

Deformation or even destruction of buildings can occur due to various impacts on structure, vibrations.

The building vibrations can be both of self-induced and forced nature. They are caused by different internal or external effects. The internal vibrations of buildings typically occur due to the operation of household appliances, industrial equipment, utility systems, and the actual constructions of the building. The external vibrations may occur as a result of the operation of the ground or underground transport; construction, renovation, or geological survey activities taking place in the immediate vicinity to the building.
The system of diagnostics and condition monitoring of the building structures used to be a pretty sizable complex comprising numerous hardware – seismic receivers, their connecting cables, otherwise, the system was stationary and placed inside of the building in a technical cabinet. Such systems are relevant and reliable, but not always convenient due to lack of mobility.

We have developed a turnkey technical solution for diagnostics and condition monitoring of the building structures based on seismic recording system (seismic station) ZET 048-С

The system is made of ZET 048-С  seismic recording systems placed on the floors of the building in the sufficient amount so that to cover its entire height. Typically, the recording systems are installed on the top floor (attic), on the bottom floor (in the basement), and on every third or fourth of the remaining floors. Seismic recorders are interconnected via the batch data transfer Ethernet cable and then connected to a single PC since previously each seismic receiver used to be connected to its own PC.

The seismic station can also be used in offline mode without connection to a PC. In this case, all the measuring results are recorded to built-in flash drive for later analysis of signals on PC.

ZET 048-С Digital Seismic Recording System (Seismic Station) is a triaxial seismic receiver and 24-bit measuring module ensuring high sensitivity of seismic signal recording at three fronts and analog-to-digital conversion of signals by independent ADCs.

ZET 048-С is supplied with the software for “Determination of Parameters of Fundamental Tone of Free Oscillations”, which allows to perform a fully featured analysis of signals using various algorithms and visualization of results in two- and three-dimensional format.

ZET 048-С seismic station has a built-in battery and nonvolatile storage device, which enables the offline recording for later analysis of signals on PC. The design of ZET 048-S seismic station enables its operation under adverse conditions.

The hardware complex for diagnostics and monitoring of buildings and structures is mobile, so it is easily assembled, dismantled, transported, and carried to any desired location, which significantly accelerates and simplifies the relevant works performance.