ADC DAC module ZET 210

  • Analog input (ADC): 16 bit
  • Total conversion frequency: 500 kHz
  • Analog input (DAC): 14 bit
  • Total conversion frequency: 500 kHz

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of ZET 210 ADC DAC modules

Analog input (ADC)
Number of inputs 16 inphase
8 differential
ADC – number of digits 16
Total frequency conversion by active channels from 2 kHz up to 500 kHz*
Dynamic range 84 dB
Max FR uneveness in the range  10 – 200 kHz 1 dB
Max input voltage ±7 V
Input impedance 2 kOhm
Inputs protection (power on) ±30 V
Inputs protection (power off) ±30 V
Inter-channel interference -72 dB
Input capacitance 20 pF
Analog output (DAC)
Number of inphase outputs 2
Total conversion frequency of active channels to 500 kHz
Max output value ±2,5 V
DAC: number of digits 14
Digital input/output
Bits number per input/output 14 bits
FIFO-buffer 16 Kword
Digital input/output logic type TTL
Operational specifications
Dimensions 90 × 110 × 35 mm
Weight 0,2 kg
Analog input/output connector type (mating connector is included into the delivery scope) DSUB DB-25
Digital input/output connector type (mating connector is included into the delivery scope) DSUB DB-15
Nonvolatile memory volume (integrated flash storage media)** up to 2 Gb
Total sampling frequency by all the channels** 20 kHz
Flash storage media: max record time by all channels at maximum sampling frequency** 10,8 hrs

* Normal operation in multi-channel mode ia available at conversion frequency up to 400 kHz.
** “Off-line” recorder option.

If the “Off-line” recorder option is active, digital input-output option for ZET 210 is disabled.


of ZET 210 DAC ADC modules

Multi-functional application

deployment of multi-channel distributed systems

simplification of automated systems development

Cost-effective solution

reduction of costs for new developments

Parallel data acquisition

by means of several modules integration

Off-line operation mode

digital processing of  signals with their subsequent record to the flash drive (without PC)

Wide range of possible applications

field use, measurements performance at structural elements

Compact dimensions

portable laboratory


of ZET 210 ADC DAC modules

ZET 210 ADC DAC module is used for constant and alternating voltage signals digital processing and parameters control (the signals are retrieved from various primary transducers). Digital and analog outputs can be used within the scope of actuating units control systems.

ZET 210 ADC DAC module can be used off-line – without connection to PC – it enables signals recording to non-volatile memory storage. The modules can be used as controllers for signals acquisition and processing systems as well as for control of the devices connected.

In addition to that the measuring tool can be equipped with a flash-drive. If this option is implemented, the module operates as an off-line recorder (with a total sampling frequency up to 20 kHz).

ZET 210 ADC DAC modules are used in natural sciences studies – in particular, they are used for eductional purposes in several Russian universities.

Main functions

of ZET 210 ADC DAC modules


signals shape representation


signals receipt and transfer by network

Structural scheme

of ZET 210 ADC DAC modules

System with digital port: structural scheme


16-channel multiplexer switch sequentially connects all the selected channels to a single operational amplifier at equal time intervals. As the channels are switched over, the signal processor produces a command to start ADC conversion. As the conversion is over, the ADC forms ready flag and signal processor operation is suspended.

Operation in off-line recorder mode: structural scheme


The signal processor saves the data in the integrated memory and then transfers it to the USB controller or records it to a flash drive.

The data from the signal processor integrated memory is forwarded to two independent DAC converters. DAC output signal is formed by operational amplifiers.

Operating principle

of ZET 210 ADC DAC module

The module performs constant exchange of analog and digital signals with PC memory and enables further digital processing of the signals.

The module does not have an anti-aliasing filter of input signals. That is why one should not send signals wih the frequency level more than half of that of the sampling rate to the analog input.

Basic delivery scope

of ZET 210 ADC DAC modules

Basic configuration of ADC DAC modules

ZET 210 ADC DAC module delivery scope includes:

  • ZET 210 ADC DAC module;
  • HighSpeed USB 2.0 cable;
  • terminal board;
  • DB-15 and DB-25 connectors (mating connection);
  • CD with drivers and ZETLAB BASE software;
  • set of operational documentation.

Additional options

for ZET 210 ADC DAC modules

Signal amplifier ZET 410
ZET 410
Signal amplifier without galvanic separation

Signal amplifier with pseudo galvanic
ZET 412
Signal amplifier with galvanic separation

Battery pack
Batteries module
Set of 5 V batteries (2700 mAh – 4 pcs.)

Switch connector
Commutator bar
For automated stands and work stations

Autonomous recorder and flash drive
Off-line recorder
Digital off-line recorder

Recording and playback facilities
Data recording and representation
Software programs for data recording and representation

Multichannel distributed data collection system
Distributed data acquisition system

scada system ZETLAB
SCADA-system for technological processes automated control

Software Developer Tools
Development environment for virtual tools creation

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