Devices synchronization via PTP protocol

in the case of Ethernet interface use

In order to properly configure the parameters of synchronization via PTP protocol for several instruments included into the scope of multi-channel measurement system, it is necessary to configure several parameters:

  1. Select the program “Device manager” in the “Service” menu of ZETLAB control panel.
  2. Double-click the icon of FFT Spectrum analyzer in the “Device manager” program window, activate the “Properties” window and enter the tab “Synchronization”.
  3. For the instruments to be used as synchronization wizards via PTP protocol, select the option “Master” and “Slave”, and set the parameter “Slave” for the instruments that will not be used as synchronization wizards.

FFT Spectrum analyzers have an integrated crystal oscillator, which is used as a synchronizing source


In the course of synchronization via PTP protocol, it is allowed to use any number of FFT Spectrum analyzers as synchronization sources. However, at each particular time moment, FFT Spectrum analyzer with the highest priority will be used as a synchronization source. The priority level of the FFT spectrum analyzers is determined based on the following factors arranged by the priority order:
the highest absolute priority;
the highest priority by timing source;
the highest priority by synchronization source;
the highest relative priority;
the lowest value of MAC-address.

4. In the “Domain” field (with available values from 0 up to 127) it is necessary to set the number of the group (in the Ethernet subnet), in which the synchronization of instruments via PTP protocol will be performed.


It is necessary to set identical values for the FFT Spectrum analyzers to be united in common group to be used for synchronization by PTP protocol.

5. It is also possible to set the priorities (available values: from 0 up to 255) in the fields “Absolute priority” and “Relative priority”. The priority parameters shall be taken into consideration by PTP protocol in the course of synchronization wizard selection.