New product by ZETLAB, 2013

Amplifier for connecting charge sensors ZET 440

New ZETLAB 2013 amplifier

Amplifier for connecting charge sensors ZET 440 – allows you to connect sensors with charge output to the fft spectrum analyzer. HPF 0,1, 1, 10 Hz. Gain factors 1, 10, 100. Used in the verification system of vibration sensors.

Amplifier ZET 440 is designed for:

    • transformation of a high-impedance charge signal of a piezoelectric transducer (vibration sensor, accelerometer, hydrophone) into a voltage signal,
    • converting the ICP sensor signal into a voltage signal

Allows you to connect accelerometers with charge output or ICP standard to spectrum analyzers and ADC / DAC modules. Allows you to connect the VS 311 hydrophones to the ZET 017 spectrum analyzer.

  • The gain factors are 1, 10, 100.
  • Filter HPF 0,1, 1, 10 Hz.

High-voltage signal amplifier ZET 420

High-voltage signal amplifier ZET 420

The high-voltage signal amplifier ZET 420 is designed to emit acoustic signals through capacitive emitters: hydrophones (without built-in amplifiers), piezoceramic emitters, transducers. Allows you to connect the BC 311 hydrophones to the ZET 017 spectrum analyzer.

The ZET 430 amplifier is a matching device

The ZET 430 amplifier news

The ZET 430 coupler is designed to connect hydrophones and geophones to spectrum analyzers. Provides power to sensors. Input balanced, output in-phase.

Amplifier ZET 430 is a matching device designed to connect sensors with a differential output to the measuring equipment with a current input.

Allows you to connect hydrophones BC 313 and seismic receivers BC 1313 to spectrum analyzers, for example to ZET 017.

ZET 430 provides:

  • matching the output signal of the sensor with the input channel of the spectrum analyzer,
  • the signal of the spectrum analyzer generator to the calibration input of the sensor,
  • the power supply of the sensor from the built-in power supply ± 12 V.

ВС 311 – reversible hydrophone without built-in amplifier.

ВС 311 - reversible hydrophone news

ВС 311 – strong spherical small hydrophones for absolute measurements of water propagating in water. The hydrophone has first-class characteristics in all geometric directions. It has all directed characteristics in the angular range of 270 ° in the x-z plane and 360 ° in the x-y plane.

Application of hydrophones VS 311:

  • Measurement of sound propagating in water;
  • Application as a calibration standard;
  • Measurement of ultrasound in liquid media;
  • Research of processes of cavitation;
  • Laboratory and factory sound measurements in liquid and gaseous media;
  • Application as a radiator of sound;
  • Measuring noise in humid and polluted environments.